Top 10 Awesome Rose Tattoos for Women


Here is our top 10 awesome rose tattoos for women.

10. Velvet Shaded Rose Tattoo

Purple Inked and not so thick shading more like a pastel texture but the petals are so detailed.

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9. Roses Tear Tattoo

A garden like rose extracting its liquid tear with a light and expressive color mix with leafy green background.

Top 10 Realistic Rose Tattoos (9)

8. Withered by Time Rose Tattoo

Detailed and carefully shading even without the reddish color it still expresses the life of a withered rose.

Top 10 Realistic Rose Tattoos (4)

7. Natured Rose Tattoo

Carefully shaded with less thick ink expressing the nature side of a rose plus with cool butterflies around it.

Top 10 Realistic Rose Tattoos (10)

6. Dark Passion Rose Tattoo

With a bloody like color expressing lust and dark temptation within.

Top 10 Realistic Rose Tattoos (6)

5. Spine Rose Tattoo

Planted and grown on the spine nurtured by blood and not by water. Showing the true color of the person.

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4. Petals of Flesh Tattoo

Vibrant and rich in color expressing the thin like petal that merges with the skin. Lusty and lively with careful inking.

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3. Roses and Silver

Well inked roses with marvelous details combined with silver metallic leaves wrapping around the delicate rose.

Top 10 Realistic Rose Tattoos (8)

2. The simplicity and the beauty Tattoo

A magazine like format roses but with superior detail and clean inked even the veins of the petals are visible.

.Top 10 Realistic Rose Tattoos (8)

1. Blood Rose Tattoo

Extracting the life of the rose matching the color of blood and the vibrant color of the rose. Creative!


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