Top 10 Adorable Mermaid Tattoos


When we think about mermaids we think about fairy tales, these tattoos will amaze you with their creativity. They mermaid is the matrons of enchantment, luring sailors with beauty, grace and mesmerizing melodies. Seductive and charming is the aim of these tattoos. Here are my top 10 adorable mermaid tattoos:

10.  Emerald Mermaid Tattoo

Soaring upwards towards the shore this mermaid has been submerge.

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9. Beauty and Chaos Mermaid Tattoo

two sea creatures the mermaid and the merman, they have different objectives in the sea, one can be dangerous and the other restoring peace.

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8. Rainbow Mermaid Tattoo

Cool mermaid tattoo that has been reflected by light showing its true colors, unique and creative.

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7. Mermaid in Despair Tattoo

Desperate mermaid in the sea, the creature shows loneliness with dark color shadings.

6. Enchanted Mermaid Tattoo

like the fairy tales were told, it shows the elegance of every mermaid living in a kingdom under the sea.

5.  Mermaids Embrace Tattoo

A magical creature mermaid sitting on the shores observing the sands of the dry land, lovely and beautiful too.

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4. Red Tailed Eastern Mermaid Tattoo

Not only the westerns have that kind of tale even the Eastern’s have their own version of it, red tailed with an Asian version of the fairy tale creature.

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3. Endangered by the Sea Mermaid Tattoo

A mermaid wrapping itself on the anchor showing that she can guard the sea adventures and can stand as a guide for every men venturing the sea. cool texture and shading too.

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2. Moonlight Mermaid Tattoo

Under the full moon a mermaid sitting on the top of the rock.

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1. Deep Sea Mermaid Tattoo

Lovely mermaid sitting down to the ocean floor, with elegant flowers as a background, very creative and artistic on the right sleeve of the model.


Mermaid tattoo model

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