5 Tattoos of Tom DeLonge, Blink-182’s Artist and Guitarist

Tattoos are a form of art that is deeply rooted in its culture. With time, it has been an interesting way for people to express themselves with their words and drawings on their bodies. Tom DeLonge is no different as he has a few tattoos on his body that reflects his musical career as well as his personality.

In this article, we will take a look at five of Tom DeLonge’s tattoos and what they represent to him.

How many tattoos does he have?

This is a question that has been going around for a long time.

It is not fully known how many tattoos he has because there are rumors that he had all of his tattoos removed.

He usually wears clothes that cover up his tattoos to hide them from the public.

The truth about how many tattoos Tom Delonge has is unknown, but there are multiple sources that claim he had his entire body tattooed with the symbol from the band blink-182.

tom delonge tattoos

Tom DeLonge Tattoo List

Most people recognize Tom DeLonge from the band Blink-182, where he was the guitarist and co-lead vocalist from 1992 when he helped found them until 2015. He is now the guitarist and lead vocalist of his band Angels & Airwaves. He was also affiliated with the band Box Car Racer. He is also the proud owner of a lot of various ink alongside all of his music awards, check out Tom DeLonge tattoos below.

Tom DeLonge Tattoo Neck

The first Tom DeLonge tattoo is the one on his neck that wraps from behind his ear down to the back of his neck. It pictures a heart and uses colors such as black and gray offset by muted reds and greens. The tattoo is a symbol of love for his wife Suzanne, who he was married to at the time.


Tom DeLonge Tattoos Arm

Tom DeLonge uses contrast in his ink in a different way than most. Rather than a contrast of color or even style to make his ink memorable, he has one arm heavily tattooed in bright vibrant colors and the other completely devoid of any ink at all.

The arm that is tattooed though, has designs covering every part of his arm onto his chest and creeping up toward his neck. The careful planning in this sleeve is evident. On the back of his shoulder, he has a tattoo of a guy with a Mohawk with the phrases “Southern California” and “Punk Rock” featured in the piece. His sleeve is comprised of brilliant colors and designs including UFOs, green fire, and stars. It definitely gives of a fun, unique, science fiction feel that seems to capture the singer and guitarist’s fun and energetic personality outstandingly well.


Tom DeLonge Chest Tattoos

As a continuation of his sleeve, Tom has a very distinct and colorful section that spills out onto his chest. In vibrant colors and an almost cartoon style, the musician sports a city from an aerial view with the Golden Gate Bridge making an appearance in the background.

Tom DeLonge’s body art definitely teaches us that using blank space can really make your tattoos pop. The musician knows well that, when planning a tattoo, it’s not only about the space you use, but the space that you don’t. Like any good artist would say, the negative space is just as important and Tom uses negative space effectively to make sure his sleeve is eye catching.


But now, maybe his arm is covered with ink.

tom delonge tattoos