Teri Polo Tattoo List


Teri Polo Tattoos

Theresa Elizabeth “Teri” Polo is an American actress. She starred as Pam Byrnes-Focker in the Meet the Parents trilogy. She was one of the stars of the sitcom I’m with Her, had a recurring role as Helen Santos on the political drama series The West Wing and currently plays the lead role of police officer Stef Adams Foster in the ABC Family series The Fosters.

Teri Polo Arm Tattoo

Teri had a tattoo that has been very prominent in the past few years.  It takes the form of a tribal arm band circling around her right bicep and it has the name of her children in it.

Teri Polo Arm Tattoo

Here is the other side on what it looks like. very simple and unique but memorable for Teri.

Teri Polo Right Arm Tattoo

Teri Polo Chest Tattoo

Another tattoo she has is a combination of a music note and her initials on her left breast.  I will say, I’m not the biggest fan of breast tattoos (or any on the front of women) and while I understand what she’s going for, it doesn’t look that good from a distance.

Teri Polo Chest Tattoo

Teri Polo Belly Tattoo

During her magazine pose Teri revealed her unique tattoo on her belly.  In an earlier portion of Teri’s Playboy shoot (when she is still clothed), you can see a very prominent angel on her left hip, near the bikini line.

Teri Polo

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