Tattoo Machines Guide With Top 10 Tattoo Gun Kits


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Tattoos are the permanent form of body art that visualizes a person’s or culture’s beliefs. But to draw one tattoo, guns or machines with tattoo kits are a must. Again there are some misconceptions about them. So, let’s clear them first.

What is Tattoo kits?

Tattoo kits are modern gears that are used to insert ink and pigments into the dyes layer of the skin to form a tattoo. Tattoo kits are the complete set of gears used to draw a tattoo. There are different parts of it. Among which the most important one is a tattoo machine.

What is tattoo Machines or Guns?

Tattoo machines are also called tattoo guns for its shape. Tattoo guns are complex machines that do the job of inserting ink into the skin. Tattoo guns are both used for lining or drawing and shading or coloring a tattoo.

Tattoo Artist drawing tattoos with tattoo kits machineIs there any difference between Tattoo kit and Tattoo Gun?

The most common misconception about tattoo kits and tattoo machines is that people think of them as different. But actually tattoo machines are just a part of tattoo kits. Not only are the tattoo guns used to draw a tattoo but some other gears too and tattoo machine is a part of gears included in a complete tattoo kit set.

There are various types of tattoo kits. Among which a tattoo artist has to choose one according to his preferences. But to find the best tattoo kits for yourself. We need to know about the tattoo gears you need to start with.

Tattoo Gears

To become a good tattoo artist you must have a very good idea about drawing and color composition. To do so you should always keep your drawing equipment like sketchbooks, art pencils, markers, blending stamps, sandpaper, sharpener and eraser with you. There is no alternative to practice. A tattoo artist should practice drawing and create new designs whenever he/she gets time. This will help to build up a good portfolio. Other than basic drawing stuff you need to have basic or beginners tattoo kits.

Essential Tattoo Gears

Tattoo machine: Tattoo machine is a must for tattooing. Tattoo machines are the modern automatic machines used for tattooing. There are two types of tattoo machines.

 1. Rotary Tattoo kit:

Rotary or needle base tattoo machines are noise-free and more efficient which is why it is so popular among the artists.

2. Coil Tattoo kit:

Coil tattoo machines are coil base tattoo guns. It is noisy but it is so versatile and works well.

Differences Between Rotary and Coil Tattoo Kits:

The main difference between the two is Rotary tattoo kits are gentle on the skin when the coil one relies on the electromagnetic to drive the armature bar.

Secondly, one rotary tattoo kit can be used for both lining and shading while different coil machines are needed to do lining and shading.

Thirdly, Rotary tattoo machines don’t work well with bigger needles. So, it’s hard to shade with rotary machines while coil tattoo kits can be used perfectly for shading. Other than that rotary tattoo machine has a more fluid needle movement while the coil tattoo machine needle movement is choppier.

Lastly, rotary tattoo machines are a bit expensive but low maintenance while coil tattoo machines are cheap but high maintenance.

Which Type of Tattoo Machine You Choose?

You should choose any of them according to your preferences. At first one tattoo machine will do the work. But many tattoo artists prefer two tattoo machines. One for drawing the lines and the other one is for coloring.

What Tattoo Supplies Do You Need?

Following supplies are the basic tattoo supplies needed to start along with Tattoo machines. Let’s have a look at the main tattoo supplies you need for your tattoo parlor.

  • Inks: A tattoo artist must have a big stock of various kinds of high-quality inks and pigments.
  • Needles: If you buy or prefer a rotary or needle base tattoo machine, you must have multiple needle configurations, tubes and tips for each configuration.
  • Surgical gloves:  You should always wear gloves to avoid blood-borne pathogens.
  • Rubber Bands: If you prefer a coil tattoo machine, you should keep rubber bands.
  • Inkcaps and Vaseline: Inkcaps and Vaseline are must to avoid ink stains.
  • Foot Switch and power supply: you should have these according to your needs.

Why You Should be Careful as a Tattoo Artist?

Tattooing is a very sensitive work, so you should be very careful about hygiene and always keep your tattoo kits germ and contamination free. Otherwise, it will increase the risk of infection. To do it you will need some gears like Autoclave Tattoo sterilizer, Autoclave trays, surgical masks, alcohol base sprays, Vaseline, etc.

A tattoo artist also should be very careful and picky while choosing furniture for his tattoo station. As tattooing is a very long time process so you should use comfortable hydraulic chairs for both yourself and the clients. You should also choose your organization trolley cautiously as it will hold all your equipment while tattooing so you should buy one according to your needs. You should also consider buying a magnifying lamp for more detailed work and Microblading.

Top 10 Tattoo Guns

These are some of the most needed gears to become a tattoo artist. But where to find them? And which one to buy?

There are various companies that produce good quality tattoo kits covering various price ranges. So, let’s find out 10 of the best tattoo gun kits available currently.

1. Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit 4

DragonHawk Complete Tattoo Kit 4 Machine Guns

Dragon hawk Tattoo Kit or Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 4 is one of the best budget beginner tattoo kits available currently. It is a coil base tattoo kit. Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit 4 comes with a Conventional Liner machine, a Power Liner machine, a Soft Shader machine and a Colour Packer machine. These craft coil machines provide special frames for increased sturdiness with minimal vibration. It also comes with a set of immortal tattoo ink, a digital power supply with accurate voltage adjustment feature, Sealed Sterile Dragonhawk needles, practice skins and a travel box for all your tattoo kits.  Moreover this kit is factory installed. So you don’t need to waste time on installing. Dragonhawk Tattoo kit is specially designed and tested by the experienced tattoo artist for beginners. So, if you are looking for beginner tattoo kits with practice skin this tattoo kit is for you.

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2. Easy Ink

Easy Ink Full tattoo Kit

If you don’t prefer permanent tattoos or you have cultural or religious limitations then this tattoo kit is for you. Easy Ink provides henna base tattoo kits which are completely halal. These tattoos kits are completely made from organic products. So, there is no chance of contamination or skin diseases. Easy. Ink tattoo kit comes with one 28 ml bottle, five different width drawing needles, one stencil solution, two tracing paper and one tracing pencil. It may be an organic product but the inks are pretty premium and it gives a very realistic look to the tattoos. It takes 24 hours to reach the complete darkness of the ink. But once it gets dark, it almost lasts for 7-14 days! Easy ink tattoo kits are completely waterproof so there is no chance of fading out while taking a shower.  So, if you are looking for henna tattoo kits, easy ink would be the best choice.

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3. Hildbrandt Advanced

If you are a beginner but like to work with professional stuff then Hildbrandt Advanced TKHADVR 2 is for you. This tattoo kit is also for the professionals too. Hildbrandt Advanced is a rotary tattoo kit. It comes with one Hildbrandt Beretta shader and one Silencer liner rotary tattoo machine. It also comes with 50 Hildbrandt professional needles, 2 stainless steel grips, a set of sterilized disposable tubes and tubes with 1″ grip that correspond to needles, latex gloves, o rings pack, step bushings, rubber bands, tuning key set, practice skin, transfer paper, radiant colors, 2 ink cups, ink cup holders and a carrying case. Moreover Hildebrandt tattoo kit package comes with one Spartan power supply with 1 clip cord, foot pedal, Basic fundamentals of Modern Tattoo Textbook, Hildbrandt Training DVD, Tattoo Crash Course 101, Exclusive membership to Teach Me to Tattoo Website and 7% Hildbrandt VIP Membership Car which gives you the independence to learn to tattoo perfectly. Their online customer service is great too. It may be a product of 2015 but Hildebrandt copes with today’s situation completely. So, if you are looking for professional rotary tattoo kits, this may be the perfect choice for you.

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4. Stigma Complete Tattoo Kit Pro

Stigma Complete Tattoo Kit Pro

Stigma complete tattoo kit pro is one of the cheap beginner tattoo kits available in the market. It comes with a single rotary tattoo machine that is powered by a 10w strong motor. It can be used for both lining and shading. There are 20 needles available inside the box. They are of 5 sizes. There is also a power supply that can be connected either to a DC cord or to a clip cord. There are also 5 quality colors. But they are only for practice purposes not for use on human skin. Stigma also gives one year warranty for the tattoo machine. Stigma Complete Tattoo Kit Pro may be a cheap tattoo kit under 50 dollars but their product quality and service are more than satisfactory.

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5. Grinder Tattoo Kits

Grinder Tattoo Kits

If you are a professional looking for reliable but cheap tattoo kits under 100 dollars then Grinder Tattoo Kit by Pirate face tattoo is for you. It can be used by both beginners and professionals on the go. It is a coil base professional tattoo kit made in the USA. It comes with four tattoo guns and 10 coils. There is also a digital power supply with a voltage adjustment feature. The package also contains 50 Sterile Needles (Variety Liner & Shaders), 7  Tattoo Ink by Radiant Colors (1/2oz bottles), 27 Disposable tips (nozzles), 8 Stainless Steel tips (nozzles), 1 Adjustable Tool Kit, 1 Tattoo Practice Skin, 1 Sheet Stencil Transfer Paper, 1 Disposable Glove, 1 Ink Cup Holder and 100 Ink cups. Pirate face also provides a 6 months warranty for the power supply and tattoo machines. Pirate face also gives a very famous book called Basic Fundamentals Of Modern Tattoo by Charles Jordan and a welcome to tattooing DVD for beginners.

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6. Eyepower 6 Gun Tattoo Machine Kit

Eyepower 6 Gun Tattoo Machine KitWho does not like high-quality products at an affordable price? Well, if you are looking for a premium and safe tattoo kit at an affordable price, then EyePower 6 is for you. It comes with 6 high-quality coil base tattoo guns which are made with high-quality materials and finished with antique bronze. This will not only give you a premium feel but also give you the durability and reliability you need. You will also get a high-quality power supply with a one-foot pedal and clip cord. This power supply will run on any current and give accurate and stable current. EyePower didn’t stop there. They provide 50 pre-sterilized needles which are the safest to use. They also provide 7 bottles of premium ink with one ink holder and several ink caps. Moreover they provide a carrying case which can be locked! This may be an old model but Eye Power 6 is one of the most high-quality tattoo kits available at an affordable price.

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7. Hawink Rotary Tattoo Machine

Hawink Rotary Tattoo Machine

If you like premium things and like to make your things more precise then Hawink Rotary Tattoo Machine is for you. This is one of the most pro tattoo kits available in the market. This comes with only one rotary based tattoo machine and one power RCA cord. This machine is curved with aircraft aluminum alloy. It is the most durable tattoo pen out there. This is not only durable but also the most accurate one. This pen is extremely powerful but goes easy with skin. Both the tattoo artist and the client would have a smooth experience with it. Hawink Rotary Tattoo Machine is great for lining and shading and the quality of the tattoos will be great too. In other words it’s all in one tattoo gun.

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8. Solong Complete Tattoo Kit 4 ProSolong Complete Tattoo Kit 4 Pro

Solong complete tattoo kit is one of the most perfect starter tattoo kits available currently. It comes with 4 coil base tattoo guns, a digital power supply with foot pedals, fifty needles, ten tattoo tips, ten tattoo grips, one hundred ink cups, practice skin, disposable gloves, and even rubber bands. It also has all the tools you need to make adjustments. Moreover Solong gives 54 high-quality Ink bottles! Which is great for practicing and perfect for a creative artist.

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9. Inkstar Ace C 5

Inkstar Ace C 5Inkstar is one renowned name in the tattoo industry. Inkstar Ace C5 is a complete tattoo kit which comes with Inkstar Cyclone 8 wrap Liner, Yankee 10 wrap shader, Gambler 10 wrap packer, Bolt 10 wrap shader, Halo 8 wrap liner, Inkstar Lancer digital dual machine power supply, 50 Hildbrandt professional needles, latex gloves, o rings pack, step bushings, rubber bands, tuning key set, razors, twin tip tattoo pen, practice skin and transfer paper.

Inkstar also gives a  7% Hildbrandt VIP Membership Card. This tattoo kit is for beginners only.

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10. Dragonhawk Mast RotaryDragonhawk Mast Rotary tattoo machine

Dragonhawk is one of the most famous tattoo kit companies in the USA. They make all quality products. This is one of their best rotary tattoo machines. It comes with the Dragonhawk Mast rotary tattoo pen machine made of Space Aluminium frame and custom Mast motor,50 Pcs tattoo needle cartridges and a digital power supply.

The best part about this machine is that it allows for more comfortable and precise tattooing procedures than traditional machines. So, it can be a great fit for the professionals on the go.

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Wrapping It Up…

These are some of the most popular tattoo kits available. They are both useful and affordable. Both beginners and professionals can use these tattoo kits. All of these tattoo kits are available on amazon. Moreover there are some sites that sell tattoo kits wholesale. But it is not suggested to buy from random sites. So be careful while you buy one and also try to buy good quality tattoo gun kits for better experience.


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