15 Amazing Rose Tattoo Designs to Have


What Is Rose Tattoo?

There are many types of body art.But the most famous and commonly used one is tattoo. Tattoo is a permanent form of body art which is made by inserting ink, dyes and pigments into the dermis layer of the skin to change skin pigment completely and form different designs and the art of creating tattoos is called tattooing.

One such design is Rose Tattoo. When a body tattoo design contains any color of rose in it, it is popular as Rose Tattoo. Rose is a very sacred flower with almost three hundred species. Rose is considered sacred because rose symbolizes many goddesses as well as heroic figures. Rose is also a sign of many historic houses and families. Moreover rose is also considered a symbol of love and aesthetics in many cultures all over the world. For this reason rose tattoo is very popular among both male and female. Like roses vast amount of species rose tattoo designs are also in huge amount. But to find a rose tattoo first we need to know about tattoo flash so let’ find out what tattoo flash is.

What Is Rose Tattoo Flash?

For doing a tattoo or choosing a design tattoo flash is a must. Tattoo flash is a tattoo design done on cardboard or paper to demonstrate design and to attract customers. As tattoo designs depend one tattoo flash it uses so tattoo flash must be attractive. So you need to be very careful and picky to choose a tattoo flash. Again you should avoid the common tattoo flashes and choose a unique one. To choose a rose tattoo flash you can visit many tattoo parlors and collect their designs. Then among them you should choose one or take some expert advice to choose a rose tattoo flash. You should also be careful whether you need one symbolic, traditional or an abstract tattoo. Because once you have done a tattoo it will always remain with you. So be careful while you choose a tattoo flash.

Rose Tattoo Flash

Image source:deviantart

There are many common rose tattoo flashes but this is one of the most attractive one.

As we are done with tattoo flashes. Now we can find out 15 of the most attractive rose tattoo pictures and their meanings.

  1. Rose sleeve tattoo

Rose sleeve tattoo

Sleeve tattoos are great to have. As they can easily be hidden and shown when needed. This tattoo in particular have a uniqueness along with a meaning. Because red rose is very popular around the world but this rose sleeve tattoo design is done with yellow ink to show the uniqueness of it and also it is evocative of many older paintings of roses. It shows that the wearer have different taste than most of the people and he/she is willing to ignore trend to show their individuality.

  1. Rose Ankle Tattoo

Rose Ankle Tattoo

Ankle is another great place to have a small tattoo. Ankle tattoos are mostly done by women. It doesn’t only makes their ankle look more attractive but also makes their ankle unique. This ankle rose tattoo in particular has a very simple meaning. Because it shows simplicity and simplicity is always beautiful. It’s done without any colorful ink and is just a simple rose without any other designs which shows it’s meaning perfectly.

  1. Traditional Rose Tattoo

Traditional Rose Tattoo

Traditional tattoos are one of the most popular one to have. Because they are not trendy but they are symbolic as well as well designed. Different traditional tattoos have different meanings. In traditional tattoos every symbol carries a different meaning. These meaningful rose tattoos have been there for centuries. This traditional tattoo shows 3 roses which shows one of the most important symbols of life in freemason tradition. In freemason symbolism 3 roses mean three guiding principles of life which is love, life and light. Who needs more when you can have a great tattoo? While being a part of something big and meaningful. That’s why traditional tattoos are great to have.

  1. Heart Rose Tattoo 

Heart Rose Tattoo

Heart and rose both are symbols of love. For this heart shaped rose tattoos are very popular among romantic people. Heart shows love for somebody and something while roses are used to confess love.So, heart and rose combination is deadly for lovers out there and it’s more attractive if you add just a little romantic line with it.This tattoo have them all. It doesn’t only show love but also shows the love craving personality of the wearer. So, heart rose tattoos are for all the Romeos and Juliet’s out there.

  1. Delicate Shoulder Rose Tattoo

Delicate Shoulder Rose Tattoo

Tiny complex tattoo designs are very popular among women.These tattoos are mostly done in unusual and secretive places. These tattoos are only for the special persons of the wearer. These tattoos does not only make the person more beautiful but also makes them more attractive. But these tattoos are very hard to make as they are done in very sensitive places. To have one of these tattoos you must need a highly experienced and skilled tattoo artist as it’s not for the beginners.

6.Love Rose Tattoo

Mom Love Rose Tattoo

These kinds of tattoos are specially designed and dedicated to the special persons we love. Imagine having a tattoo while showing love and respect to your most favorite ones. As they are dedicated tattoos so they must be done with special designs to make the person happier. This tattoos does not only show love and respect but also makes the person feel more special. As the wearer dedicates a special place for their loved ones in their body. So if you are thinking of having a tattoo and make someone happy just have one of these.

  1. Rose Chest Tattoo

Rose Chest Tattoo

Chest is a very special place of a human body. Chest is where our heart is. If you are planning on getting a tattoo on your chest be very careful about choosing the design. Because our heart and chest belongs to the person we love and getting a good tattoo at this place can make our loved ones happy. So, getting a rose tattoo on the chest is a very good choice. The above tattoo is the perfect example of a good chest tattoo. This tattoo completely shows love and affection for the desired person of the wearer.

  1. Tribal Rose Tattoo

Tribal Rose Tattoo

Tribal tattoos are one of the most meaningful tattoos out there. Because these tattoos are part of the tribes life. These tattoos are sacred. They indicates lifestyle, culture and social status of a tribe. Tribal rose tattoos are most meaningful rose tattoos .The above tattoo shows the complex life of an ancient Asian tribe. These tattoos were done on the female members of the tribe. Tribal tattoos are very hard to make. So, if you are not going to a tribe and getting their tattoos, please go to a skilled tattoo artist for better experience.

  1. Single Red Rose Tattoo

Single Red Rose Tattoo

Single red roses completely exemplifies the meaning and sacredness of a rose. The single red rose symbolizes as the sign of the Virgin Mary. As well as red roses are also the symbols of many Greek goddesses and angels. So, if you want to make a sacred place in your body get a single red rose tattoo.

  1. Tiny Rose Tattoo

Tiny Rose Tattoo for men

Rose tattoos are not only for women but also for men too. Because rose shows softness by the flower and the thorns shows harshness. This completely represents the nature of every man .They may be harsh in nature but inside that there lies a soft heart. This tattoos is a perfect example for men rose tattoos. It’s small and on the arms which makes a man’s arm more attractive.

  1. Black Rose Tattoo

Black Rose Tattoo

Black roses ensemble sadness. They are one of the rare kinds of roses available. They also have different aesthetics in them. A rose tattoo shows the sorrowful rare mind of a person. It also point to dark personality. Black rose tattoo stencil is very attractive and rare. So if you want to show your dark personality with tattoos you can have one of these. 

  1. Blue Rose Tattoo

Blue Rose Tattoo

Blue is a very special color. Again blue roses are one of the most beautiful and symbolic. A blue rose tattoo signify secret and unattainable love. It also shows rare minds as blue rose is one of the rarest one. This blue rose tattoos are for those who are in search of deep unattainable love. This tattoos does not only shows rareness but also shows a lovable mind. So, if you love rare things have one of these. Just never forget to choose a unique design and skilled tattoo artist. 

  1. Anchor & Rose Tattoo

Anchor & Rose Tattoo

Who doesn’t like classic anchor tattoos? Anchor designs are one of the most popular in tattooing. Many people do many experiments with trendy anchor tattoos. But only a few of them experiments with rose and anchor. If your tattoo designer can experiment with it perfectly, this design can be deadly. Again this design has a different meaning too. This design shows unique personality as well as the stubbornness of a person’s mind. As anchors are a symbol of stability and stubbornness. If you want to experiment with this two please choose a unique design.

  1. Rose and Skull Tattoo

Rose and Skull Tattoo

Rose and skull tattoos are one of the trendiest tattoos out there. It may be trendy and common but this combination is deadly in every design. This shows a humans nature completely. Because within every man there lies a soft lovable person. Again when he/she senses danger he/she can do anything to save himself/herself and their loved one. Here the rose symbolizes soft side of a man and the skull shows the dark side of every man .So, if you are thinking about getting a trendy but meaningful tattoo, get one of these.

  1. Neck Rose Tattoos

Neck Rose Tattoos

Neck tattoos are signs of commitment .In the previous year’s having a neck tattoos is pledged as criminal .But nowadays  it’s becoming trendy day by day. Neck tattoos are for the persons who considers themselves an artist and their body as a form of canvas .Neck rose tattoos are both attractive and symbolic as well. This rose tattoo shows the colorful nature of the wearer as well as love, friendship and other good things again the dagger shows betrayal, death and destruction. This tattoo completely indicates the duality of human life.

Wrapping It Up…

These are some of the most symbolic and amazing rose tattoo designs. Getting a symbolic tattoo is always attractive again getting it with a rose makes it more attractive.

Tattooing is a great form of body art. But we should be very careful while having one. Because if tattoos are not done with proper instrument it can cause many skin diseases. It can even cause cancer. So it’s suggested to have a tattoo from renowned and skilled tattoo artists.


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