Rob Kardashian Tattoos – What They Mean?

Robert Arthur “RobKardashian is an American television personality, businessman and model. He is best known for appearing on his family’s reality television shows, such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Khloé & Lamar. Rob Kardashian also has a lot of tattoos.

Starting with a girlfriends name and a portrait of his father, Rob has developed a real passion for tattoos and ink. Check out Rob Kardashian Tattoo List below and let us know what you think of his body art.

Rob Kardashian Body Tattoo

Rob has a tattoo of his ex-girlfriend Adrienne Bailon’s name on his arm. In 2008, he drew on his rib.

Rob regrets this to this day since their connection was long yet ambiguous.

Rob Kardashian Tattoo

Rob Kardashian Chest Tattoo

The words “A wise son brings joy to his father” are said to be the tattoo that Rob got for his father.

Rob Kardashian Tattoo

Rob Kardashian Sleeve Tattoo

Rob’s first tattoo is on his forearm. It’s a photo of Robert Kardashian, his late father.

He died of esophageal cancer in 2003.

With this tattoo, he conveyed his love for his father and would always remember him.

Rob Kardashian Tattoo

Rob also has a tattoo of his mother Kris Jenner, tattooed on his other arm. He got this much later as a gift for his mother.

In 2012, he had this tattoo done. The ink strokes are so beautiful that I instantly recognize it as a Mrs. Kris Jenner tattoo.
Rob’s mother is the subject of this tattoo, which expresses his affection for her.

Rob Kardashian Tattoo

He has a tattoo of a sobbing Jesus on his forearm. He has a lot of faith in his heart, as evidenced by this tattoo.

Rob Kardashian Tattoo

Rob’s tearful eyes tattoo certainly says a lot about his conflicted sentiments at the finale of KUWTK. Despite the fact that he has never divulged the significance of this tattoo.

Rob Kardashian Tattoo

Rob Kardashian Neck Tattoo

The phrase Anjila is a tattoo on Rob’s neck that represents the Arabic translation of his lover Blac Chyna’s name.

Rob Kardashian Tattoo