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Phoebe Tonkin Tattoos – Arm And Foot Tattoo

Posted on November 24, 2021  -  by Inked Celeb
Phoebe Jane Elizabeth Tonkin is an Australian actress and model. She is best known for portraying Cleo Sertori in H2O: Just Add Water, and Fiona Maxwell in Tomorrow When The War Began. She was born in Sydney and attended to dance courses in classical ballet, hip hop, contemporary dance and tap dance at the age of 4. Phoebe got some tattoos on her arm and foot, but before going into more details let us know more about her start and dancing education and career.

Because of starting dancing at a very young age, she was able to get into professional dancing when she was just 12 years old. At that age she also began courses at the ATYP at the Wharf Theater. She also attended to Loreto Kirribilli and finally graduated from the Queenwood School for Girls.

Now check out all Phoebe Tonkin tattoos below.

Phoebe Tonkin Arm Tattoo

Although Tonkin doesn’t have very noticeable tattoos, the ink on her lower arm is the most noticeable. The word “Joy” is inked on the outside of her lower arm. Phoebe responded when asked about this tattoo with “Joy was the last name of someone very dear to me who passed away. It’s a reminder to never take any day for granted.” You can see the Phoebe Tonkin’s ‘Joy tattoo’ below:
phoebe tonkin tattoo

Phoebe Tonkin Foot Tattoo

The last one of Phoebe Tonkin tattoos is her foot tattoo. Phoebe has the words “Balance” tattooed on her right foot.
phoebe tonkin tattoo
It is still unclear the meaning behind it and she never disclosed anything about it, its written in the hand-script format and says “Balance”.
phoebe tonkin tattoophoebe tonkin tattoo
So far she’s only got two small tattoos that aren’t very noticeable. Although she never said if she wants to get more ink, we can expect that the Phoebe is not going to get big artwork on her body. Phoebe is dated Paul Wesley for 4 years from 2013. Wesley, born in the US with polish roots, is known from Vampire Diaries. He has quite a few tattoos as well. But their relationship is discontinued due to their on-off relationship in 2017.

How Many Tattoos Phoebe Tonkin have?

Phoebe actually has two tattoos. One on her arm and another on her foot. The word “Joy” is inked on the outside of her lower arm. Tonkin has the word “Balance” tattooed on her right foot.
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