Pharrell Williams Removes Tattoos Before and After

Pharrell Williams Tattoo List

Pharrell Williams is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, and producer. He holds nine Grammys, an MTV Music Award, five Billboard awards, and the list continues on to People’s Choice Awards and more. Alongside his awards, he also possesses a litany of tattoos, most that he isn’t happy to have. Check out the Pharrell Williams tattoo list below.

What is Pharrell Williams Neck tattoo?

Pharrell has an angel holding a sword and shield on the back of his neck that he describes as the most painful tattoo he ever got. “I was sweating in all over,” he once said, describing the pain, “But it ended up being worth it.”

Pharrell Williams Arm Tattoos

At one point, the musician had almost complete black and gray sleeves on each arm, however, Pharrell has had them removed since then. They featured portraits of women and imagery of fire. Today he holds an opinion on them that “I’m a grown man! I don’t need fire on my arms!”

Pharrell Williams Leg Tattoo

The tattoo on Pharrell’s leg is a black and gray piece that features an angel playing music and a banner saying “Thank you” below the angel.

Pharrell Williams Tattoo Removal

Pharrell has stated that when he got his tattoos, he was in a rebellious phase and went ahead and got as many as he could in a very short time period. While he doesn’t like his tattoos, the musician had nothing bad to say about tattoos in general beyond his decisions on them.

pharrell williams remove tattoos

The musician did opt for a less traditional road to get his tattoos removed. Instead of the usual laser tattoo removal baton rouge, Pharrell opted for a skin graft treatment at the Wake Forest Institute in North Carolina for Regenerative Skin Treatment. This is a far more extensive and expensive process, starting with growing new skin to trade out the tattooed skin, but Pharrell has made it clear that it is well worth it to him. The process removes the tattooed skin and replaces it with the newly grown skin. While it is a more pain staking process, the result leaves unmarred, fresh skin, so Pharrell can get new tattoos that he likes if he wants.

pharrell williams remove tattoos

Pharrell Tattoo Removal Before After

After removing his tattoos, Williams felt like he could be the same person without the ink or any of the negative energy that went along with having them.

pharrell williams tattoos

“For me, I just didn’t want to be defined by something so small,” he said. “And you can easily say, ‘All right, well what changed?’ But for me, if I’m not wearing my tattoos and they’re no longer a part of who I am and my past is wiped clean and there’s more freedom in that regard, that means more than any piece of art on my body.”

Williams also mentioned that the decision to remove his tattoos wasn’t just about wanting to change his look. It was also about wanting to change his life.

“I wanted my life to be different,” he said. “I wanted my energy to be different, and I didn’t want the memory of that to be in my mind forever.”