Orlando Bloom Tattoo List

Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom is a British actor. After having his breakthrough in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, he rose to fame by further appearing in epic fantasy, historical epic, and fantasy adventure films. Here is the Orlando Bloom tattoo list:

Orlando Bloom Sun Tattoo

Orlando has a small sun tattoo right over his abs. It is very simple and unique, this is was his first tattoo when he was got when he was a teenager.

Orlando Bloom Tattoo

Here is a close up of the tattoo. As we can see a very simple design indeed.

bloomZoomin3 Orlando Bloom Tattoo List

Orlando Bloom Upper Wrist Tattoo

Although people don’t see it much he also has a small tattoo on his upper wrist.

bloomZoomin2 Orlando Bloom Tattoo List

This is the detailed close up of tattoos.

bloomZoomin Orlando Bloom Tattoo List

Orlando Bloom Fake Tree and Band Tattoo

Below are some fake tattoos that the media has been fouled by in the past. These tattoo were added to help with the grunge look for a role as a DJ in the film Sympathy for Delicious. The movie tells the story of a recently-paralysed DJ who develops an ability to heal people.

bloomZoomin1 Orlando Bloom Tattoo List

Here is another shot of the work, in early stages for his role.

3bf81649eaed4b178641a82b8dcf1599 Orlando Bloom Tattoo List