Monta Ellis Tattoo List

Monta Ellis Tattoos

Monta Jermon Ellis is an American professional basketball player for the Indiana Pacers of the National Basketball Association also one of the players of Golden State Warriors. Check out our Monta Ellis tattoo list below:

Monta Ellis Arm Tattoo

In this picture we could clearly see his flaming arm tattoo a devil playing a flute and a large “BOYZ” in old English text.


Monta Ellis Full body Tattoo

He had a huge family tree on his front chest with words written, “Family First” with the picture of his son on his right chest.


On his back there is a full dove tattoo with a word “Faith” written and a number 72.

Monta Ellis Back Tattoo Monta Ellis Tattoo List

He was even featured in the Sports Magazine Kicks issue 2011 as a cover exposing his tattoos.