Mark Wahlberg Tattoo List


Mark Wahlberg Tattoos

Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg is an American actor, producer, model, and former rapper. Mark Wahlberg did have tattoos on his body, however he has just recently undergone laser tattoo removal and is currently tattoo free.

Mark Wahlberg Tattoo

Mark Wahlberg no longer has any of the tattoo he had done when he was younger.

Mark Wahlberg Tattoo

Mark Wahlberg Arm Tattoos

During his early age on his left bicep he had a Bob Marley Tattoo but he already had it removed and even though it was removed it still shows some traces of the tattoo. He mentioned all of the tattoos he had have personal meanings but he doesn’t want his kids to have tattoos.

Mark Wahlberg Left Bicep Tattoo

Pictures of Mark Wahlberg’s tattoo. It is a tattoo of his initials and his last name very original.

Mark Wahlberg Right Bicep Tattoo

Mark Wahlberg Chest Tattoo

Right below Mark’s rosary tattoo on his chest he did have the words “In God I Trust.”

Mark Wahlberg Chest Tattoo

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