Marc Anthony Tattoo List


Marc Anthony Tattoos

Marco Antonio Muñiz known professionally as Marc Anthony, is an American singer, record producer, actor and television producer. Anthony is also the top selling tropical salsa artist of all time.

The two-time Grammy and five-time Latin Grammy winner has sold more than 12 million albums worldwide.

Marc Anthony Arm Tattoos

Marc had a tattoo on his right arm presenting his faith and religious beliefs, he had a tattoo which resembles the face of Jesus and underneath it is a rosary.

Marc Anthony Right Arm Tattoo

On this picture he shows his Jennifer tattoo, the name of her ex wife Jennifer Lopez who filed a divorce on 2012

Marc Anthony Jennifer Tattoo

Later he covered up his tattoo as a proof that Jennifer no longer exist in his life, he tattooed his wrist with some cover up ink tribal designs but some people are curious about the tattoo on his right arm that says ” Those who say don’t know Those who know don’t say”  Marc never disclosed any information regarding about the tattoo.

Marc Anthony Covered up Tattoo

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