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Louis Tomlinson Tattoo list

Louis Tomlinson is an English pop singer-songwriter and actor, widely known as a vocalist of the boy band One Direction. Louis and the other 1D boys have recently developed a love for tattoos. Check out Louis Tomlinson tattoos list below.

Louis Tomlinson Shoulder Tattoo

Louis got his first tattoo at the age of 20, and has since caught the tattoo fever, just like the other One Direction boys Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Niall Horan. The stag and heart tattoo was done in May 2013 and was to cover up a heart wearing headphones, which the pop star had previously meant “Listen to your heart”. The new tattoo is of much better quality and is placed nicely in the middle of his upper arm on his biceps.

Loius Tomlinson Stag tattoo

Louis Tomlinson Arm Tattoo

It doesn’t stop with just a shoulder/upper arm tattoo. Louis Tomlinson tattoos continue with anLouis has a bomb, a lit match and a spiderweb on his forearm along with much more. All kind of small icons are inked on his arm, like a cup of coffee, a paper airplane, a skateboard and the word ‘OOPS!’.

Louis Tomlinson Arm Tattoo

Here is a closer look at Louis Tomlinson tattoos on his arm. The image is black & white, but most tattoos, like the big compass are in color.


Louis Tomlinson Forearm Tattoo

On Louis Forearm is a tattoo of naughts and crosses. As well as a giant bird. Louis’ bird tattoo is inked on the outside of his right forearm, and features a large black and white image of a bird. Although Louis is reportedly petrified of birds…

Louis Tomlinson Bird Tattoo

This photo gives a better view of his sleeve tattoos. Later on, he also got a retro pac-man tattoo on his arm. While Niall Horan took a fake fern tattoo to celebrate the New Zealand leg of 1D’s tour called ‘Take Me Home’, Louis opted for some real ink. Together with Zayn Malik, he went under the needle in Auckland. Louis chose the retro pac-man, while Zayn decided to get a snake tat on his shoulder.

Louis wanted to get pac-man inked in honor of the 80s arcade game, that was incredibly popular. Pac-Man is located next to the tic-tac-toe tat on the outside of his right arm. He obviously colored Pac-Man yellow, that’s chasing a red colored ghost.

Louis Tomlinson New Tattoo 2

Louis Tomlinson Wrist Tattoo

Lious has a bird and a rope tattoo on his wrist. Louis Tomlinson tattoos seems to get infinite, just as his rope tattoo. It’s a cool rope tat inked around his right wrist. It’s just a simple black and white image of a rope. However, the rope is nicely twisted in the shape of an infinity symbol. The singer already had quotation marks inked on his wrist. The rope tattoo circles around the same wrist, so there’s kind of an overlap of the two tattoos.

The meaning of the rope ink has never been confirmed by Tomlinson, but many believe that the image of the broken rope symbolizes broken ties of some sort.

Louis Tomlinson New Tattoos

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