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Lena Headey Tattoos

Lena Headey is an English actress. After being scouted at age 17, Headey worked steadily as an actress in small and supporting roles in films throughout the 1990’s, before finding fame for her lead performances in big-budget films such as the fantasy film The Brothers Grimm (2005), the action film 300 (2007), portraying Gorgo, Queen of Sparta, and the adventure and biographical film The Red Baron (2008).

Lena Headey Back Tattoo

Lena had a quite number of tattoos all over her body even up to this day she had lots of tattoo from her back down to her foot. She also had a few memorable meaning on every piece of tattoo she had.


Lena Heady has a colorful red lotus flower tattooed on her upper back. The lotus is a symbol of purity in Buddhist tradition.

Lena Headey Lotus Flower Tattoo

Lena Headey has a red bird tattoo on the right side of her back and small cherry blossoms scattered around it. Its also a symbol of peace for Lena.

Lena Headey Bird Tattoo

Lena Headey Arm Tattoo

Lena Headey originally got the name “Loughran” tattooed on her wrist for her husband Peter Loughran, whom she married in May 2007. They filed for divorce in 2012, but Lena expanded the tattoo instead of removing it.

Lena Headey Wrist Tattoo

On her right forearm she had a tattoo  of an upside-down vintage style birdcage with an open door.

Lena Headey Cage Tattoo

She has a tattoo on her upper right arm of a pair of butterflies with swirls and leaves.

Lena Headey Butterfly Tattoo

Lena Headey has a flock of birds tattooed on her left arm. There are a pair of doves which are a traditional symbol of peace.

Lena Headey Birds Tattoo

Lena Headey Leg Tattoo

Lena Headey has a tattoo on her left foot which looks like a dragonfly. Its still unknown to the public as the design itself is a bit prototype that needs to be finished or still in progress.

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Lena Headey Leaf Tattoo

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