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Kyrie Irving Tattoos: How Many Does He Have?

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Kyrie Irving has been a member of the NBA for the last seven years and has become one of the league’s best players.

He has been on the cover of numerous magazines and newspapers due to his success on the court. However, off of it, he’s also become an avid body art collector.

The point guard has got a big collection of tattoos, and each one has a special meaning to him.

We’ll take a look at the tattoos he has and what they mean.

Kyrie Irving Chest Tattoo

“Elizabeth Irving” with Angel Wings Tattoo

kyrie irving tattoos

He has a tattoo of his daughter’s name, “Elizabeth Irving” on the left side, with angel wings on both ends.

There are many different meanings that can be associated with a daughter’s name with an angel wings tattoo. One such meaning is that the bearer of the name is an angel in disguise. Another interpretation is that the name signifies protection and guidance from angels. Additionally, the wings may represent the ability to fly to Heaven, or they may be a sign of hope and new beginnings.

“H&H” Tattoo

kyrie irving tattoos

Irving’s right chest has a tattoo of “H&H” with the words happy and humble inked beneath them.

Kyrie Irving Back Tattoo

Keyhole Symbol Tattoo

kyrie irving tattoos

Irving has a tattoo of a lock inside the fortune circle on the back of his neck.

kyrie irving tattoos

The keyhole tattoo is a popular symbol that has a variety of meanings. Some people get the keyhole tattoo to represent the opening of a new chapter in their life, while others get it as a symbol of trust or loyalty. For some people, the keyhole tattoo represents the need to be let in or the secrecy that surrounds their life.

“The journey to the Rosette” Tattoo

kyrie irving tattoos

However, I’m not sure what this quote on Kyrie Irving’s back means. However, perhaps this means that he is energetic and determined in his life and career.

Lion Tattoo

kyrie irving tattoos

On his right shoulder, Kyrie Irving has a large crawling lion tattoo with ferocious lion skull.

While there are many different interpretations of the meaning of this tattoo, some believe that it symbolizes strength, power, and ferocity.

The lion is often seen as a symbol of courage and nobility, making this tattoo a great choice for someone who wants to show off their inner strength.

Additionally, the skull may represent mortality or change, which can be interpreted as a reminder to live life to the fullest.

Quotes With Roses Tattoo

kyrie irving tattoos

A quote between two roses is tattooed on Irving’s left shoulder. This quote’s content is unknown, and he never mentioned it.

Quotes with two roses tattoos can have multiple meanings. One meaning could be that the individual has been hurt by someone they love, and they are displaying the tattoo as a symbol of that pain. The roses could also represent how the person feels about themselves, perhaps being seen as weak or fragile. Alternatively, the two roses could simply be seen as a representation of love and beauty.

“DES/DAL, Just to 3 of us” tattoo

kyrie irving tattoos

On the left side of his back, Irving has the phrase “DES/DAL, Just to 3 of us. ” While it may appear to be confusing at first, the abbreviation refers to his family. It is an acronym that stands for his father, Drederick Irving, his mother, Elizabeth, his daughter Azure, and his sisters Asia and London.

Kyrie Irving Arm Tattoo

Hand of Fatima Tattoo

kyrie irving tattoos

Irving has a tattoo of a hand-eye symbol on his left upper arm.

The Hand of Fatima is a popular tattoo design that is often chosen for its religious and symbolic meaning.

The hand is said to be based on an old Arabic talisman that is thought to protect the wearer from harm. The five fingers of the hand are believed to represent the five pillars of Islam, while the palm is believed to symbolize the protection offered by Allah.

“F. R. I. E. N. D.

kyrie irving tattoos

Irving has the word “F. R. I. E. N. D. S” tattooed on his left forearm. Needless to say, his 2015 design is an homage to the eponymous 90s sitcom.

In an interview with G. Q. magazine in 2015, the Melbourne native recalled watching the series as a child but was unaware of the deep underlying morals and sarcasm.

He fell in love with the series and the characters, however, after binge-watching a season as an adult.

Tribal Tattoo

kyrie irving tattoos

Irving has a tattoo of a personalized tribal design inked on the upper part of his left forearm.

Depending on the wearer’s culture and personal preferences, tribal tattoos can have a variety of meanings. They can be used as a symbol of membership in a particular tribe. They could be used as symbols of strength, power, and protection.

 Tribal tattoos can be used to represent spiritual beliefs, as well as signify important milestones in a person’s life.

He also has a few other indistinct tattoos on his arm.

kyrie irving tattoos

Animals Tattoo


An image of animals, including a rooster, lion, monkey, and fish, can be seen on the upper part of Irving’s right arm.

In Chinese culture, the monkey represents Irving’s fate. And the year he was born is 92.

kyrie irving tattoos

It’s most likely another representation of the values the point guard cherishes because nobody knows what that combination means.

Wings Tattoo

kyrie irving tattoos

Irving has a large tattoo of angel wings on his left arm.

For many, the wings tattoo is symbolic of freedom. It can represent the desire to spread one’s wings and fly free, or it can be a reminder of a time in life when the person felt truly free. For others, the wings tattoo may represent religious beliefs or spiritual concepts. It can also be a sign of appreciation for the beauty and power of nature.

All Seeing Eye Tattoo

kyrie irving tattoos

Irving believes in the mystical and spiritual worlds just as much as he does in our own. He’s always questioning things and trying out new theories. That’s why he has the All-Seeing Eye, God’s eye, and the Illuminati’s symbol on the back of his right hand.

Faith Tattoo

kyrie irving tattoos

Irving has the word faith tattooed on the outside of his left arm’s wrist.

Irving is a deeply spiritual man who is also religious. His conversion to Islam demonstrates how much he values his faith, which is why he has this tattoo on him.

“MADE” Tattoo

kyrie irving tattoos

Kyrie Irving’s left arm’s wrist has the word MADE inked on it.

Roman Numeral Tattoo

kyrie irving tattoos

Irving has the Roman numerals 8 and 13 tattooed on his left and right wrists. His daughter’s birthday is being commemorated with a family-oriented tattoo.

Kyrie Irving Leg Tattoo

“Irving” With Wings Tattoo

kyrie irving tattoos

Kyrie Irving’s left leg has a tattoo of wings with the numbers 322 and his surname Irving inked on it.

“Honest” Tattoo

kyrie irving tattoos

Irving’s right leg has the word “Honest” tattooed on it.

When one sees the word “honest” tattooed on someone’s body, it can mean a variety of things. It could represent the person’s honesty to themselves or others, or it could be a reminder to stay true to their beliefs.

For some, it may be a symbol of hope that they will always stay honest in their dealings with others. No matter what its meaning is to the individual, the “honest” tattoo is a declaration of who they are and what they stand for.

Eye Tattoo

kyrie irving tattoos

Irving has a tattoo of an eye on his right thigh.

Though the eye tattoo is often perceived as a symbol of protection, there are many other meanings that can be associated with it.

For example, some people may get an eye tattoo to represent their personal beliefs or ideologies.

Additionally, the eye tattoo can be used as a way to honor someone who has passed away. It can also be a sign of respect for one’s ancestors.

Lastly, the eye tattoo can be viewed as a representation of one’s inner strength and power.

He also has a large quote tattoo on his right calf

kyrie irving tattoos
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