Kristen Stewart Tattoos

Kristen Stewart is an American actress, known for playing the protagonist Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga film series from 2008–12, which has grossed over $3.3 billion worldwide. She is the “face” of Chanel and Balenciaga fashion brands also. Kristen has a few notable tattoos, check out our Kristen Stewart tattoo list below:

Kristen Stewart Arm Tattoos

Kristen Stewart has a number 8  tattoo on the palm of her right hand near her wrist.

It is a matching tattoo with fellow actress Scout Taylor-Compton who happens to be a star of the movie “The Runaways”.

Kristen Stewart 8 tattoo

She has a tattoo on her right arm of a black rectangle with an eye in the negative black space.

Kristen Stewart showing off new tattoos

Looking closer of the tattoo it also had a light bulb on the middle of the eye

Kristen Stewart  eye bulb tattoo

On her left wrist she also had a simple tattoo made from black ink.

Kristen Stewart 4 line wrist tattoo

Its a 4 line made from black ink. no information was disclosed on why she has this tattoo.

Kristen Stewart 4 lines tattoo

Kristen also had a tattoo on the back of her right arm, just above the elbow.

Kristen Stewart left elbow tattoo

Here is a closer look at this tattoo.

Kristen Stewart arrow tattoo

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