British Singer & Actress Kelly Lee Osbourne Tattoos List


Kelly Lee Osbourne is a British singer-songwriter, actress, television presenter and fashion designer. She is the daughter of famous singer Ozzy Osbourne. Kelly Osbourne has a few notable tattoos, check out our Kelly Osbourne tattoo list below:

Kelly Osbourne Arm Tattoos

Kelly had a lot of tattoos on his arms from his forearms down to her fingers.

Kelly Osbourne Arm Tattoo

Here we see a heart tattoo on her pinky, a simple heart shape with red ink.

Kelly Osbourne heart finger tattoo

More tattoos on her left arm.


Kelly Osbourne ‘Daddy’ Tattoo

Kelly had this tattoo done in December 2003, while her father Ozzy Osbourne was recovering from a quad bike accident. Its a tribute to her dad and the tattoo consists of the word “daddy” with a pink and gold heart shape lock, with a golden key and on the right side there is a banner that says “this too shall pass”.

Kelly Osbourne heart lock tattoo

Kelly Osbourne Forearm Tattoo

Kelly has an anchor tattoo on her forearm, Kelly hasn’t disclosed any information on this tattoo. However, we know that anchor tattoos are famous for their meaning in keeping people grounded.

Kelly Osbourne Anchor Tattoo


Kelly Osbourne Wrist Tattoo

Here is a tattoo on her wrist it says “lovely” written in a handscript format with a lucky clover below it.

Kelly Osbourne lovely tattoo

Kelly has struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, she got this tattoo while she was drunk.

Kelly Osbourne keyboard tattoo

Kelly Osbourne Foot Tattoo

Kelly also has skull tattoos on her feet, check them out below.

Kelly Osbourne foot tattoo

As we can see she has a pair of blue skull tattoos on the top of her feet.  They are a male and female, the left skull has a yellow lighting bolt on the forehead while the right has a red bow.

A glimpse of all tattoos of Kelly in one pic… Hope you liked it.

Kelly Lee Osbourne Tattoos List

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