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Katee Sackhoff Tattoo List

Katee Sackhoff is an American Actress. She is most well-known for the SciFi channel’s show Battlestar Galactica in which she plays Kara “Starbuck” Thrace. In addition, she has also played in Longmire, the 2013 movie Riddick, as well as movies such as Halloween: Resurrection. She has won awards for the Best Supporting Actress on Television for Battlestar Galactica and Best Supporting Actress for the horror movie Oculus. While Katee Sackhoff tattoos on Battlestar Galactica may be fake, her real tattoos are both impressive and well thought out. Check out Katee Sackhoff tattoos below.

Katee Sackhoff Shoulder Tattoo

On her left shoulder blade, Katee sports a dark, bold cross in black ink. This is representative of her Christian faith. The simplicity of the tattoo is impressive in and of itself. She pulls it off and it is done is such a way that it doesn’t need anything extra as it makes a statement in and of itself.

Katee Sackhoff shoulder tattoo

Katee Sackhoff Neck Tattoo

Usually hidden by her hair, on the back of Katee’s neck rests a Chinese symbol, just big enough to cover the top of her spine. The translation of Katee Sackhoff tattoo in her neck means “choice”. For a single symbol and word with no embellishments, the tattoo carries a strong message.

Katee Sackhoff neck tattoo

Katee Sackhoff Arm Tattoo

Katee Sackhoff tattoo featured on Katee’s arm reads “bona fiscalia”. This Latin phrase translates into English as “public property”. While this seems like a harsh phrase to have on your body, Katee’s meaning behind is quite impressive. It is her reminder to herself that she chose to become an actress and, with that choice, she chose to spend her life in the spotlight. It is a personal acceptance of everything that comes with that role.

Katee Sackhoff tattoos are far more simple than the ones we are used to seeing her show off on Battlestar Galactica, but they remain thoughtful and admirable. Not one has been placed without careful consideration of what meaning she wanted them to convey as well as placement. The use of different languages and indirect meanings also gives them the feeling of being very personal as well.

Katee Sackhoff arm tattoo

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