Kanye West Tattoo List


Kanye West Tattoos

Kanye Omari West is an American hip hop recording artist, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur and fashion designer from Chicago. Kanye has a few tattoos on his arm and chest. Check our our Kanye West tattoo list below:

Kanye West Forearm Tattoos

Kanye has two sets of forearm tattoos.

Kanye West Tattoo

On Kanye’s his left arm is a list of songs that he produced:
The Truth (Beanie Sigel’s song)
This can’t be life (Jay-Z’s song)
Nothing like it (Beanie Sigel’s song)
Izzo (The Anthem) (Jay-Z’s song)
Hey Mama (Possibly Kanye West song even though it wasn’t released at the time)
Heart of the City (Jay-Z’s song)
Never Change (Jay-Z’s song)

Here is a closer look, where we can read the script.

Kanye west songs tattoo

Kanye West Date Tattoo

Kanye has the dates of his daughter and his mothers birthday tattooed on his arm, check it out below.

Kanye West date tattoo

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