Jourdan Dunn Tattoo List


Jourdan Dunn Tattoos

Jourdan Dunn is a British fashion model. She was discovered in Hammersmith Primark in 2006 and signed to Storm Model Management in London shortly thereafter. She began appearing on international runways in early 2007. Jourdan Dunn has a few notable tattoos, check out our Jourdan Dunn tattoo list below:

Jourdan Dunn Hand Tattoo

Jordan Dunn has a tattoo in a handscript lettering of her son’s name “Riley” located on the side of her right hand.

Jordan Dunn tattoo list

Here is a closer look of her hand tattoo.

Jordan Dunn hand tattoo

Jourdan Dunn Arm Tattoo

She happens to have a tattoo also on her left arm and it says ” fear is not an option” as a model it takes courage go out on stage.

Jordan Dunn wrist tattoo

She also has an ornamental tribe symbol with an eye in the middle.

Jordan Dunn arm tattoo make over

Jourdan Dunn Body Tattoo

This tattoo was made as a part of celebrating her friendship with Cara Delevingne. They nicknamed it DD for their last names Delevigne and Dunn.

Jordan Dunn waist tattoo

Jourdan Dunn Neck Tattoo

On the back of her neck is a Egyptian girl with wings.

Jordan Dunn back tattoo

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