Jose Mangin Tattoos List

Jose Mangin is a natural born headbanger, raised in an Arizona border town on a steady diet of Mötley Crüe, Metallica, and Pantera. Since 2000, he has lived his dream as a programming pioneer at SiriusXM Satellite Radio in NYC, where he oversees Liquid Metal, and also responsible for building/running Octane (active rock) for over seven years.

Jose Mangin started his radio assault in Arizona as Metal Director of the U of A’s college radio station in Tucson. As a graduate student in Pharmacy over in Memphis, Mangin landed a killer gig in radio, and ended up choosing a life of rock ‘n roll over medicine. In 2000 Jose moved to NYC and landed his dream job over at SIRIUS-XM.

Jose Mangin Arm Tattoos

Mangin’s black and gray Aztec work comes from Memphis tattoo artist Kevin Johnson of Ramesses Tattoo. But he’s also picked up ink from Paul Booth, tattooer to the metal gods. “In junior high I hung up Paul’s artwork he did on my idols Max and Igor Cavalera from Sepultura,” Mangin says. “I met him outside a Superjoint Ritual concert in New York City about six years ago and offered him a job hosting the first-ever tattoo radio show.

He also got tattooed by Booth live on the radio inside one of our studios for the first official bloodshed in company history!” None of Mangin’s success is lost on him. If he comes across as excited or just plain happy, it’s because he is.

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