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Jessica Biel Tattoos

Jessica Claire Timberlake known professionally as Jessica Biel, is an American actress. Biel began her career as a vocalist appearing in musical productions until she was cast as Mary Camden in the family-drama series 7th Heaven, for which she achieved recognition. The series is the longest-running series that ever aired on The WB channel and is the longest-running family drama in television history.

Jessica biel's belly tattoo

Jessica Biel Body Tattoos

The A-Team starlet, Jessica Biel  has one visible tattoo above her bikini line of a dove carrying an olive branch. It is said to be a biblical reference: when Noah sent out a dove after 40 days of rain, the dove returned with an olive branch, confirming that the raging waters had started to subside.

Jessica Biel Belly Tattoo

Here is a closer look.

Jessica Biel Dove Tattoo

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