Dec 22, 2021
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Jared Leto Tattoo List

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Jared Leto Tattoos

In the vein of musicians-turned-actors, Jared Leto is a very familiar face in recent film history. Although he has always been the lead vocals, rhythm guitar, and songwriter for American band 30 Seconds to Mars. Jared has a few notable tattoos also, check out our Jared Leto tattoo list below:

Jared Leto Arm Tattoos

We all knew that Jared is known today as the Joker on the movie ” Suicide Squad” well as crazy as it sounds he also had a lot of tattoos on his body.  This image shows the triangle tattoos on both of his arms. Jared said its a sports triangle tattoo, the Alchemy symbol for air, on each of his elbows.


Jared has another symbol dedicated to his band tattooed on his right wrist.


Some people would thought to be a religious cross but actually its different. On Jared’s left arm is the Echelon “X” symbol that is also part of his band’s iconography.


Jared Leto Body Tattoos

Jared had also a small tattoo on his left chest written in a Latin language. The Latin phrase tattooed on Jared’s chest says “Provehito in Altum,” which means “Launch forth in the depth.” It is also his band’s motto.


The Orbis Epsilon, a circle divided into two parts with four arrows shooting out, is a favorite shape of Jared Leto’s band 30 Seconds To Mars. Jared revealed the back tattoo after he hit 1 million Twitter followers.


Jared Leto Leg Tattoo

He also had tattoos on his legs. The 30 Seconds To Mars front man has large arrows inked on each calf.

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