Harry Styles Tattoos: All the Meaning & Why They’re So Popular

Harry Styles is more than just a pretty face. He is also complete with tattoos that tell a story. From simple childhood designs to more elaborate pieces commemorating significant life events, here’s everything you need to know about Harry Styles’ tattoos and why they’re so popular.

Harry has a plethora of tattoos that tell a story, ranging from a large rose on his left arm to two Swallows on his chest. While each one has its own distinct meaning, there are some recurring themes throughout his ink portfolio that connect them all.

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Who is Harry Styles?

Harry Edward Styles was born in Redditch, Worcestershire, England, on February 1, 1994.
He is a singer and songwriter who rose to fame as a member of the boy band One Direction.

He has since launched a successful solo career, releasing two albums and touring the world. Styles is well-known for his flamboyant fashion sense and soulful voice. Critics have praised his songwriting abilities as well as his ability to connect with his fans.

How many tattoos does Harry Styles have?

With One Direction on hiatus and Styles focusing on his solo career, this guy born in 1994 keeps himself busy. In addition to releasing his first solo album and embarking on a world tour in May, he appears to have found time to get some new tattoos.

He has an incredible collection of tattoos all over his body. Harry Styles is said to have around 50 tattoos in total.

Harry Styles tattoos and their meanings

Since his solo debut in early 2017, Harry Styles has been seen with a slew of tattoos. His tattoos are frequently associated with personal significance to him. In this article, we’ll look at some of Harry’s most notable tattoos and speculate on their meanings.

1. Two Swallows On Chest

harry styles tattoos

The swallow is a symbol of good fortune and happiness in many cultures. Swallows are also associated with hope, new beginnings, and summer. As a result, swallows are frequently used in tattoos to represent these things.

The two swallows tattooed on Harry Styles’s breast face each other. Tattooed on the chest, wrists, or neck, this design was a common nautical insignia among sailors. As a symbol of romance and travel, swallows were thought to convey the souls of sailors to paradise after their death. The fact that Harry’s job requires him to travel frequently meant that he was urged to get this tattoo.

2. A Star Tattoo On The Inner Side Of His Left Bicep

harry styles tattoos

One of the most beautiful things in the sky are the stars. They have been used as symbols throughout history, and different people interpret them differently. Harry Styles has a star tattoo on his body that means a lot to him.

3. Skeleton In A Suit Tattoo On His Left Upper Arm

harry styles tattoos

Harry Styles’s skeleton dressed in a suit tattoos have a wide range of meanings and can represent a variety of things to the person who wears them.

Some see it as a symbol of death, while others see it as a symbol of change or transition. It can also be interpreted as a metaphor for life, reminding the wearer that they will die at some point, but for some, the tattoo is also associated with good fortune and luck.

Harry got this tattoo for Halloween in 2013.

4. Rose Tattoo On his Left Forearm

harry styles tattoos

When One Direction member Harry Styles was photographed in early 2013 with a large rose tattoo on his left forearm, fans speculated endlessly about its significance.

Depending on the person getting the tattoo and their personal life experience, a rose tattoo can represent a variety of different meanings.

Roses may represent love, passion, and sensuality to some. Others may see them as symbols of strength and courage. People may get a rose tattoo to remember a loved one who has passed away.

However, the true meaning of Harry’s tattoo is unknown.

5. The Old School Handshake Tattoo On His Left Bicep

harry styles tattoos

In the modern world, tattoos have become ubiquitous. They can be seen in people of all ages, from all walks of life. Many people get tattoos to express themselves or to commemorate a special event or person in their life. But tattoos can also be used to communicate a message or symbolize a belief or value.

One such type of tattoo is called a Handshake tattoo. These tattoos are usually simple designs that consist of two lines intersecting each other to form a handshake-like shape. The meaning of these tattoos varies depending on who you ask, but there are some general interpretations that seem to be shared by most people who have them.

Some believe that the Handshake tattoo represents brotherhood or unity. It could be seen as a symbol of coming together to form one strong unit.

It also has great significance in respecting equal rights in society.

6. The Naked Mermaid Tattoo On Left Forearm

harry styles tattoos

The tattoo depicts a naked mermaid with flowing hair in the water. The tattoo is very detailed and is done in black and white.

The naked mermaid tattoo can have a variety of interpretations. Some people believe that the mermaid symbolizes femininity and sexuality. Others believe that the mermaid represents liberation and freedom. The mermaid has also been used as a water symbol, representing cleansing, healing, and transformation.

7. Eagle Tattoo On Right Arm

harry styles tattoos

An eagle tattoo can symbolize many things, including strength, power, freedom, and wisdom. Eagles are known as powerful predators with excellent vision, and these characteristics can be symbolic for someone who gets an eagle tattoo.

An eagle tattoo, for example, may represent the ability to overcome obstacles or to see the big picture. Because an eagle’s eyes are so sharp, an eagle tattoo could represent someone with excellent vision. Because the eagle represents wisdom, an eagle tattoo can represent a person with excellent judgment and insight.

8. Three Screws Tattoo on Left Bicep

harry styles tattoos

Screws tattoos are typically small and simple, but they hold a lot of significance for those who get them.

People who get screws tattoos frequently do so because they identify with the symbol’s meaning. Screws represent strength, resilience, and determination to many people. Getting a screws tattoo is a declaration to the world that you are strong enough to overcome any challenge life throws your way. It represents self-sufficiency and independence.

Screw tattoos can also be interpreted as a symbol of unity and belonging.

9. Coat Hanger Tattoo On Left Bicep

harry styles tattoos

Most people associate tattoos with images or words permanently inked onto someone’s skin.

There are, however, other types of tattoos, such as the coat hanger tattoo. A coat hanger tattoo is a thin metal wire inserted into a person’s skin, usually on the upper chest near the clavicle or bicep. The coat hanger tattoo first gained popularity in the early 1990s, and it was frequently used as a symbol of defiance against traditional values.

10. Green Bay Packers Logo Tattoo On Left Forearm

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Harry is a Packers fan, as evidenced by his tattoo. The Packers logo is permanently imprinted on his left forearm. He adores the team, its history, and its traditions. And he’s not alone; many Packers fans choose to show their support by getting a tattoo of the team’s logo.
This tattoo is also associated with his team’s winning mentality.

The Packers logo is simple in design, but it holds significance for the team and its fans. Of course, the “G” stands for Green Bay, and the “C” stands for Champion. The logo also includes a football, which is fitting given the Packers’ status as one of the most successful teams in NFL history.

For Harry and other Packers fans, the logo is more than just a representation of their team; it is a reminder of everything they love about the Packers.

11. Cross Tattoo On Left Hand

harry styles tattoos

People are looking for unique designs to represent their personalities as tattoos become more popular. The cross tattoo is one design that is becoming increasingly popular.

A cross tattoo can have a variety of meanings depending on the individual’s religious beliefs or personal preferences. Some people may get a cross tattoo as a symbol of their faith, while others may get it as a symbol of strength and resilience.

Whatever your reason for getting a cross tattoo, it is always important to ensure that you fully understand the meaning and symbolism behind this design before making any final decisions.

12. Anchor Tattoo On Left Wrist

harry styles tattoos

Humans have used body art to express their beliefs and values since the beginning of time. The anchor tattoo is one of the most popular and long-lasting tattoo designs. Though the meaning of an anchor tattoo varies depending on who wears it, there are some general interpretations that apply to the majority of people.

In difficult times, an anchor tattoo can represent stability, strength, and hope. It can also represent a person’s attachment to their home or family. An anchor tattoo is often associated with a sailor’s seafaring career.

Harry has the same tattoo, which is superimposed on an older tattoo.

13. Late Late Tattoos on Left Upper Arm

harry styles tattoos

Harry had a bad day on the Late Late Show when he appeared on it. James Corden had the band members of One Direction select from random boxes, and Harry ended up with the Tattoo box and had to have the show’s emblem tattooed on him as a part of his punishment.

14. Anatomy Heart Tattoo On Left Inner Bicep

harry styles tattoos

Although it is unclear what this tattoo means to Harry. However, the meaning of the Anatomy Heart tattoo varies depending on the person getting the tattoo. For some, it represents their love for someone and their heart’s connection to that person. Others will see it as a reminder to keep their heart healthy and strong. The tattoo can also represent life, death, and rebirth.

15. YOU BOOZE, YOU LOSE, and a liquor Bottle Tattoo On Left Forearm

harry styles tattoos

16. The Holy Bible Tattoo On Left Forearm

harry styles tattoos

The Bible is a religious text that has been used for centuries by many people all over the world. It is a source of guidance and comfort for some, while it is a symbol of faith for others.

A Holy Bible tattoo can represent a variety of things to the person who wears it, including love for God, strength in difficult times, or simply being a part of a larger community. A Holy Bible tattoo, no matter what its meaning is to the individual, is sure to be a meaningful and personal statement.
The same is true for Harry.

17. Iced Gem Cookie Tattoo On Left Arm

harry styles tattoos

According to Inked magazine, Harry Styles has an iced gem cookie tattoo on his bicep. The meaning of the tattoo is unknown at this time, but it could be related to his song “Icarus Falls,” which includes the lyrics, “Caught up in the moment, like an iced gem cookie.” Harry are from the United Kingdom, where the iced gem cookie is a popular treat. It is a small round biscuit with icing in various colors on top and usually has a design or lettering piped on top.

18. “Can I stay Tattoo” Tattoo On Left Arm

harry styles tattoos

Harry Styles, a former member of the popular boy band One Direction, has many tattoos. One that is often talked about is the “Can I stay” tattoo on his left arm and was first seen in February of 2014. The tattoo is inked in the black script and is surrounded by small stars.

The meaning of Harry’s “Can I stay” tattoo is unknown. Some believe that it may be a reference to Harry’s time spent in One Direction, as the phrase “Can I stay” was often used by fans during concerts. Others believe that the phrase may have personal significance to Harry. In an interview with Radio 1, Harry was asked about the meaning of the tattoo and he said, “I don’t know if it means anything… It’s just something I liked.

19. Butterfly Tattoo On Stomach

harry styles tattoos

Butterflies have long been a popular tattoo design. They are frequently chosen for their lovely and delicate appearance, as well as their symbolism. There are numerous types of butterflies, each with its own distinct meaning.

Here are some of the most popular butterfly tattoos, as well as their meanings.

20. Birdcage Tattoo On Left Ribcage

harry styles tattoos

When Harry was a young member of One Direction, he got a birdcage tattoo on his left bicep. The tattoo is simple, but it holds a lot of meaning. The birdcage represents freedom to Harry. He told reporters that the tattoo serves as a reminder to him to never let anyone or anything confine him.

Birds are often associated with freedom, which is why Harry’ new birdcage tattoo has some people scratching their heads. The singer debuted the tattoo on his right bicep on Instagram over the weekend, and while he hasn’t revealed what it means to him, fans are already speculating. Some believe the birdcage represents Styles’ confinement as a pop star, while others believe it represents his release from One Direction.

Bird tattoos have always been popular, with many people choosing them for their symbolism and meaning. A birdcage tattoo, for example, can represent either freedom or captivity. It can also represent being suffocated in a particular situation or circumstance or even being trapped in a bad relationship. This design may be chosen by some people to represent how they feel trapped by their mental health issues, for example.

21. Two Theater Mask Tattoo Next To The Birdcage

harry styles tattoos

There has been much speculation about what the masks represent for Harry, but no one knows for certain. Some believe the masks represent his theatrical career, while others believe they have personal significance to him. Whatever their significance, the tattoos are a lovely addition to Harry’s already impressive collection of ink.

22. Guitar Tattoo On Left Shoulder

harry styles tattoos

Guitar tattoos are among the most popular designs for men and women alike. Celebrities such as Harry have added them to their bodies to express their love for music.

A guitar tattoo can be associated with a variety of different meanings.

23. The Pirate Ship Tattoo On Left Bicep

harry styles tattoos

When Harry was a kid, he got a pirate ship tattoo on his bicep. The tattoo is small and simple, but it means a great deal to the singer. Styles discussed the meaning of the tattoo in an interview with Rolling Stone. “It was just me wanting to get a pirate ship tattoo because I thought it looked cool,” he explained. “‘I want a pirate ship!’ I exclaimed. Then I got it and exclaimed, ‘Arrgh!'”

Styles’ pirate ship tattoo is just one of many he’s gotten over the years. He also has tattoos of flowers, butterflies, and song lyrics on his body. But why does he appear to be so fond of tattoos? “Tattoos are like scars for me,” he explained.

24. Gemma written in Hebrew Tattoo On Upper Left Arm

harry styles tattoos

When Harry was spotted with a new tattoo on his left bicep, the internet went crazy trying to figure out what it meant. The tattoo is in Hebrew and appears to be the name of his sister, Gemma. While the translation is not exact, it is believed to mean “My sister is my world.”

Styles and his family hold a special meaning for the tattoo. His mother, Anne Cox, is Jewish, and Gemma was raised in a religious household. Styles’ decision to have her name tattooed in Hebrew demonstrates how important she is to him.

25. Key Tattoo On Left Wrist

harry styles tattoos

Harry of One Direction has a key tattoo on his left hand. Even though the tattoo is small and simple, it means a lot to Harry. To him, the key represents many things, including hope, dreams, and freedom.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Harry stated that the key is “something that I always carry with me, something that my mother gave to me.” The tattoo serves as a reminder to Harry to never give up on his dreams and to remain optimistic.

26. Padlock Tattoo On Left Wrist

harry styles tattoos

Padlock tattoos have different meanings depending on who gets them.

Some people, for example, may get a padlock tattoo to represent their marital status. A couple, for example, may get matching padlock tattoos to symbolize their love for one another. Others may get a padlock tattoo as a protective symbol.

27. Shamrock Tattoo On Left Wrist

harry styles tattoos

28. Aquarius Tattoo Below Shamrock Tattoo

harry styles tattoos

Aquarians are intelligent, creative, and outspoken people. They enjoy being around others and frequently have large social circles. They are typically self-sufficient individuals who dislike being bound by rules or conventions.

Aquarius tattoos frequently reflect these characteristics, with designs that are creative, one-of-a-kind, and expressive.


harry styles tattoos

Harry Styles of One Direction is said to have gotten a new tattoo. On his Instagram account, the singer debuted a new “NEVER GONNA DANCE AGAIN” tattoo, sparking speculation about the meaning behind the cryptic ink. While some believe the phrase is simply a reference to Styles’ time as a member of One Direction, others believe it could be a hint at Styles’ future plans.

30. Broken Heart Tattoo On Chest

harry styles tattoos

Harry Styles of One Direction has a tattoo of a broken heart on his chest. The tattoo is in black and white, and the meaning is obscure.

31. Two Fern Leaves Tattoo On Abdomen

harry styles tattoos

While the tattoos’ meaning is unknown, fans are already speculating on what they could mean. Some people believe that fern leaves are symbols of rebirth and new beginnings, which could be interpreted as a sign that Harry Styles is ready to move on from his previous life. Others believe the tattoos are a tribute to Harry Styles’ Irish heritage, as ferns are native to Ireland.

Nobody knows for certain what the tattoos mean, but it will be interesting to see if Harry Styles reveals anything more about them in the future. 

This is also a tattoo that he covered up with another tattoo.

32. Tiger Tattoo On Left Thigh

harry styles tattoos

Tigers have long been associated with ferocity, strength, and power. They are also one of the most popular animals for tattoos, with celebrities such as Harry Styles sporting them. Tigers come in a variety of designs and styles, each with its own special meaning.

33. Two Cross Tattoo On Left Chest With K And M Text

harry styles tattoos

There is a long-held belief that the tiger is a symbol of strength, power, and aggression. With celebrities like Harry Styles donning them, they are also one of the most popular creatures to get tattooed on their bodies. Many different patterns and styles are available, each with its own meaning.

34. PINGU Tattoo On Left Inner Bicep

harry styles tattoos

In Harry Styles’s life, the PINGU tattoo has a significant significance. It’s Ed Sheeran’s “bro tattoo,” as he has a tattoo of the Pingu figure on his torso that’s identical to this one. To show their love for PINGU (Penguin character from the children’s claymation series- PINGU), they had both decided to get these tattoos done.

35. Little Things Tattoo

harry styles tattoos

36. Big Tattoo On Right Toe

harry styles tattoos

37. X Tattoo On Right Ankle

harry styles tattoos

38. A Tattoo On Left Arm

harry styles tattoos

Harry Twist’s mother, Anne Twist, has her initials inscribed on his left arm with the letter A.

39. Hi Tattoo On Left Bicep

harry styles tattoos

40. LA, NY, LO Tattoo On Left Bicep

harry styles tattoos

41. SMCL Tattoo Under The Tragedy Theatre Masks

harry styles tattoos

Smile Now, Cry Later is the acronym for SMCL. In addition, an X has been scrawled on top of it.

42. Jackson Tattoo On Left Arm

harry styles tattoos

Calvin Aurand, Harry Styles’s official photographer and archivist for One Direction, goes under the moniker Jackson. Harry has a godson named Jackson.

43. SILVER SPOON Tattoo On The Back Of His Left Arm

 harry styles tattoos

44. R Tattoo On Left Forearm

harry styles tattoos

Inking of the letter “R” on Harry Styles’s forearm is an homage to his mother’s ex-husband Robin Twist and the role he had in the upbringing of Harry and his sister, Gemma.

45. 99P Tattoo On Left Wrist

Harry Styles 99p Tattoo Harry Styles Tattoos: All the Meaning & Why They're So Popular

This is supposed to be the currency of the UK

46. G Tattoo On Left Shoulder

harry styles tattoos

Harry Styles’s G tattoo is a tribute to his sister, Gemma.

47. 1957 and 1967 Tattoo On Left And Right Collarbones Respectively

harry styles tattoos

This is the birth year of his father and mother

48. 17Black Tattoo On Left Armpit

harry styles tattoos

007 is Harry Styles’s favorite film character. Consequently, he had the famous 007 fortunate bet, “17 BLACK,” tattooed on his body.

49. Cross with B Tattoo On Right Shoulder

harry styles tattoos

50. “Brasil!” Tattoo On Left Upper Thigh

One Direction’s trip in Rio de Janeiro inspired Harry Styles so much that he decided to get a permanent tattoo of the city’s iconic landmarks on his body.

harry styles tattoos