Harry Styles Tattoo List


Harry Edward Styles is an English pop singer-songwriter and actor, widely known as a lead vocalist of the boy band One Direction. Harry Styles has recenetly developed a love for tattoos, he and many of his band mates now sport a fair few tattoos over their bodies.

Harry Styles Chest Tattoo

One of Harry Styles most dominant tattoos is the ink swallows in flight on his chest. The black and white tattoos are of two birds mid flights. According to Harry Styles himself, “the swallows symbolize traveling, and we travel a lot.” Harry Styles’ swallows chest tattoo was inked in L.A. in November 2012, and the tat gives us all a little glimpse into Harry Styles’ life and how he handles constantly being on the road with the 1D boys.

Harry Styles Chest Tattoo

Harry Styles also has 17 Black tattooed on his upper chest. Harry is a big fan of James Bond, this number represents a lucky roulette bet that 007 made.

Harry Styles body Tattoo

Harry Styles Butterfly Tattoo

More recently Harry has had a large butterfly tattooed on his stomach.

Harry Styles Butterfly Tattoo

Here is a close up of the tattoo


Harry Styles Sleeve Tattoo


Here is a close up,  you can really see the mermaid tattoo and the handshake tattoo clearly.


Harry Styles Ship Tattoo

Check out the ship on his arm also.


Harry Styles Chest Tattoo

Harry has birds on his chest along with many other tattoos now.


Here is a shot at the beach, this really show the level at which Harry is now getting tattooed.


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