Fairuza Balk Tattoo List


Fairuza Balk Tattoos

Fairuza Balk is an American film actress. She made her theatrical film debut as Dorothy Gale in Disney’s 1985 film Return to Oz. Fairuza Balk has also made appearances in Valmont, The Craft, The Island of Dr. Moreau, American History X, The Waterboy, Almost Famous, and Personal Velocity: Three Portraits.

Fairuza has a few notable tattoos, check out our Fairuza Balk tattoo list below:

Fairuza Balk Arm Tattoo

Fairuza Balk has quite visible tattoos all over her body from his arms, abdomen and some of them have quite interesting meaning.

Fairuza Balk Right Arm Tattoo

The tattoo on her right arm which is a design of hooks that go in and out of her arm in a kind of art decoration pattern. It says Freedom, Desire, Dedication, Devotion, Discipline.

Fairuza Balk Arm Tattoo

The tattoo on her left arm is a Blue Triangle outlined with black in. She got this to commemorate her heritage, this is the sign the the Nazi’s put on the patches of gypsies in war camps.

Fairuza Balk Left Arm Tattoo

Fairuza Balk Abdomen Tattoo

The tattoo on her left hip, which is a heart encircled with thorns that is winged and at the top is the goddess symbol of the full moon (dark) with the two crescents on either side and a wall of fire behind it (one of her favorites).

Fairuza Balk Belly Tattoo

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