Eve Rapper Tattoos List

Eve Rapper is an American rapper, singer and songwriter who was born on December 7th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Eve has had a lot of tattoos done over the years by various artists with many different styles. Eve’s tattoos are either written in English or Latin script with phrases that are meaningful to Eve or words that she enjoys saying, which makes her tattoos very unique to Eve herself.

Eve has said that Eve tattoos are part of Eve daily life and if someone was ever to see Eve nude Eve would be self conscious about Eve tattoos because Eve tattoos are very personal to Eve. Eve tattoos have a lot of Eve fans wondering what Eve has in Eve tattoos and Eve’s ability to be so open about Eve tattoos.

Eve’s Arm Tattoo


Eve has Eve tattoos on Eve left arm and Eve right arm. The Chinese letter tattoo that Eve has inked on her arm is a symbol of her name. Eve got the tattoo to represent herself and who she is as an individual.


The symbol is unique and has personal meaning to Eve.


Eve’s Tattoo is a Peony Flower on Eve’s right arm. Eve said that her favorite flower is the peony, and she wanted to cover up her previous tattoo of an ex-boyfriend which says “I love you.”


Eve’s tattoos are personal because they represent her life experiences and emotions. Eve herself thinks that tattoos have been important in helping her heal from difficult times, as well as being creative and expressive about oneself.

Eve’s Back Tattoo


Eve is wearing a very open shirt that shows off her tattoo of another flower on the upper back. Eve is known for her Eve Rapper Tattoos. Eve got this tattoo because she wanted something small yet noticeable, and she wanted the flower symbolizing femininity, love, fertility, beauty, and nature. Eve’s tattoo is very clean, well done, and stands out.

Eve’s Left Shoulder Tattoo

eve rapper tattoo 2 Eve Rapper Tattoos List

The spider is Eve’s most recognizable tattoo. Eve says that she chose the Black Widow because it’s the most dangerous, but it’s also the most beautiful of spiders. Eve loves smart women and she sees herself as a black widow spider.

Eve’s Black Widow spider isn’t the same as most people’s idea of a black widow. Eve doesn’t see her black widow as someone who sucks men dry of their money, but more like a woman who knows what she wants out of life and goes for it.

Eve’s Chest Tattoo

The first tattoo on her chest is a pair of paw prints. It appears as if someone has lifted Eve’s shirt to show her breasts and it looks like the print of a dog’s paw was made on them.


Eve believes that if people want to get a piece of themselves permanently etched onto their skin then it should be what feels true for them as an individual. Eve stated “I think tattoos are important reminders of where we’ve come from and the obstacles we’ve faced on our personal paths, and it’s definitely a way to feel creative and artistic about ourselves.” Eve also said that her tattoos have helped her heal from difficult times in her life, which involved heartbreaks and former relationships. Eve has covered up previous tattoos with pieces she likes more because she wants them to represent who she is now instead of representing parts of herself she is no longer.