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Eros Ramazzotti Tattoos

Eros Luciano Walter Ramazzotti, known simply as Eros Ramazzotti, is an Italian musician and singer-songwriter. Ramazzotti is popular in Italy and most European countries, and throughout the Spanish-speaking world, as he has released most of his albums in both Italian and Spanish.

Since 1984, he has released 11 studio albums, one EP, three compilation albums, three live albums, and 37 singles. Ramazzotti has sold over 60 million records in his 30-year career. His repertory includes duets with artists such as Cher, Tina Turner, Andrea Bocelli, Patsy Kensit, Anastacia, Joe Cocker, Ricardo Arjona, Luciano Pavarotti, Laura Pausini, Nicole Scherzinger and Ricky Martin.

Eros Ramazzotti Arm Tattoo

The  tattoo of Eros is on his right outer forearm. This is  a nice text that reads “Aurora” these tattoos show his love for his sweet and loving small 13 year old daughter.


The singer also has another tattoo that can be seen on his left forearm. This is a scorpion tattoo and this tattoo is for his zodiac star Scorpio.


Eros Ramazzotti Neck Tattoos

His first tattoo is present on his back neck. This tattoo is in Chinese Script and is read as “mi siao”. THe tattoo has two portions. First part “Mi” means “Honey” and the 2nd part “Siao” means Small”. So the final translation of this Chinese Tattoo is “small honey” in English

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