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Dwayne Johnson Tattoos

Dwayne Douglas Johnson also known by his ring name ‘The Rock’, is an American and Canadian actor, producer and semi-retired professional wrestler, signed with WWE. Johnson was a college football player for the University of Miami, winning a national championship on the 1991 Miami Hurricanes football team. He later played for the Calgary Stampeders in the Canadian Football League, and was cut two months into the 1995 season. This led him to become a professional wrestler like his grandfather, Peter Maivia, and his father, Rocky Johnson (from whom he also inherited his Canadian citizenship) through Maivia, he is considered a non-blood relative of the Anoa’i wrestling family. The rock has a few notable tattoos, check out the Dwayne Johnson tattoo list below:

Dwayne Johnson Arm Tattoo

During Dwayne’s early age  he had a bull tattoo on his right bicep. The Brahma Bull tattoo symbolizes Dwayne’s astrological sign which is the Taurus. This was Dwayne’s 1st tattoo and became a nickname for him when he was in the WWE. Dwayne himself also has a love for bulls.

Dwayne Johnson Bull Tattoo

Here we have his most notable tattoo the Polynesian tribal tattoo, he started this tattoo during 2003.

Dwayne Johnson Right Side Tattoo

Here is the back portion of the Polynesian tattoo and its inked up to his left shoulder blade.

Dwayne Johnson Back Tattoo

Another interesting thing about his tattoo it has various meanings and descriptions, not only designs that could look cool but the tattoo on his body comes down to 3 things; his family, protection of his family, and about having a true warrior spirit forever.

For the fans of Dwayne or a.k.a “The Rock” here is some descriptions of each of his tattoos.

A) He has a tattoo of coconut leaves which symbolizes the head Samoan warrior.
B) Near his neck, there is a tattoo of The Sun, which is worshiped in Samoan culture as a sign of good fortune.
C) This tattoo that has three people in one is actually him standing with open arms with his wife Dany and daughter Simone as it continues on his chest.
D) The tattoo on descending swirls symbolizes past, present and future, where the future is seen as even brighter. The pattern is goes under his arm where it’s written, “It changes in the place where it is found to be gone”.
E) The tattoo of the two eyes, called o mata e lua, is about his ancestors watching his family and protecting them.
F) There is another tattoo which is the Great Eye. The eye is believed to distract his enemy into confrontation. This intimidating symbol allows the user to take possession of his enemy’s spirit.
G) The tattoo of a broken face marked by shark teeth is about his spirit as warrior and also a symbol of his struggle.
H) This refers to the spiritual guide who raises a warrior to enlightenment and supernatural power. And it is done under the eyes of the warrior’s ancestors.
I) The tattoo of stones is about achieving something for cause in life. He says the stones are the foundation of his life and symbols of dedication and they give the right to stand and speak with honor as a high talking chief. It also maintains the supernatural power.
J) The tattoo of a tortoise shell is to deflect evil spirits. It’s a protection measure used by warriors as a shield.

Dwayne Johnson Tattoo Descriptions

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