Drew Barrymore is an American actress, film director, producer, and model. She is a descendant of the Barrymore family of well-known American stage and cinema actors, and she is the granddaughter of film legend John Barrymore. Drew Barrymore tattoo list is here, she has several small and subtle tattoos, check them out below:

Drew Barrymore Stomach Tattoo

Drew has a small butterfly tattooed just below her belly button.

Drew Barrymore Stomach Tattoo

See a close up here of her butterfly tattoo. A very simple design with clean tattoo lines. Drew also has a cluster of flowers tattooed just below this on the left hand side.


Drew Barrymore Ankle Tattoo

On Drew’s lower right leg, just above her ankle, is the biggest tattoo that she has. It appears to be a cross with roses climbing up it.

Drew Barrymore Ankle Tattoo

Drew Barrymore Wrist Tattoo

Drew has the words Breathe on her arm.

Drew Barrymore Arm Tattoo

Drew Barrymore Back Tattoo

Drew has two small tattoos on her back.

Drew Barrymore Tattoo

Here is another shot of Drew Barrymore’s tattoo on her back.

drew-barrymore-tattoo (1)

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