Djibril Cissé Tattoo List


Djibril Cissé is a former professional French footballer. During his time at Anfield, he played 79 games, scoring 24 times.

Djibril Cissé Tattoo List

Djibril Cissé Full Chest Tattoo

His tattoos are remarkable and with a lot of dark colored ink, its like every tattoo connects to the next one, here we see a leopard skin pattern, next to that is a tribal design on his chest part and below it are words written below his waist part

Djibril Cissé  Chest and Arm Tattoo

On his belly there is a pair of wings and on the right side a skull with a cross beside it

Djibril Cisse Tattoo List

Djibril Cissé Full Back Tattoos

This is what it looks like from behind his back, a huge pair of wings with a peace word below

Djibril Cissé  Full back Tattoo

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