Dec 23, 2021

David Duchovny’s Tattoos: What Do They Mean?

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David Duchovny Tattoos

David Duchovny is an American actor, writer, producer, director, and singer-songwriter. He is known for playing FBI Agent Fox Mulder on the sci-fi horror action drama show The X-Files. Also he is known for playing Hank Moody on the comedy-drama series Californication, both of which have earned him Golden Globe awards.

David has a few notable tattoos, check out the David Duchovny tattoo list below:

David Duchovny Finger Tattoo

David doesn’t have a lot of tattoos, but we spotted some of its smallest tattoo including this finger tattoo on his left ring finger.

David Duchovny Finger Tattoo2 David Duchovny's Tattoos: What Do They Mean?

He also cheerfully answered questions about his family life, flashing a ring finger tattooed to celebrate his 10th wedding anniversary to actress Tea Leoni. Written on both their wedding fingers now are the initials “AYSF.” Duchovny explained that it was “a phrase we say to one another,” although he never tells what it stand for.

David Duchovny AYSF tattoo1 David Duchovny's Tattoos: What Do They Mean?

David Duchovny Back Tattoo

David Duchovny has a tattoo on the back of his left shoulder. The tattoo is a tribute to his two daughters, Karen and Becca.

david duchovny tattoo

David Duchovny Leg Tattoos

David also had a tattoo on his left ankle, its a yin yang symbol with just simple detail.

David Duchovny Yin yang tattoo e1455418582310 David Duchovny's Tattoos: What Do They Mean?

On the opposite side of his left leg is a ornamental star inside a ring, no further details regarding his leg tattoos which he did not disclose any information regarding about them.

David Duchovny leg ornamental tattoo David Duchovny's Tattoos: What Do They Mean?
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