American Actress Danielle Harris tattoos List


Danielle Harris Tattoo List

Danielle Harris is an American actress as well as a film director. She has appeared in four movies in the Halloween franchise, Urban Legend, and 2 out of the Hatchet trilogy. She started her career at a young age though and can be heard as the voice of Debbie Thornberry in the cartoon The Wild Thornberries. Danielle has been nominated for several awards and won second place in the Chainsaw Award for Best Supporting Actress in Stake Land and has been inducted into the Fangoria Horror Hall of Fame. This actress has some beautiful tattoos to show off and as even posed with sexy look for tattoo magazines before. Check out Danielle Harris tattoos below.

Danielle Harris Hip Tattoo

On Danielle’s left hip is a beautiful floral ink. The colors in Danielle Harris tattoos are slightly muted, with quiet blue and magenta flowers serving as the focal point for the tattoo. Around it is elegant, swirling designs that are primarily black and gray. The design feature that this offers is making the color of the flowers pop without the flowers having to be unnaturally bright.

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Danielle Harris hip tattoo

Danielle Harris Tattoos Rib

Danielle later added a portrait on her rib cage of a beautiful blond woman. Around her, more flowers were added, including pink and red roses at the top of the piece, closer to her shoulder. The colors in this ink piece include brilliant greens and purples and reds. This tattoo was done to flow into the floral piece already on Danielle’s hip, intermingling most of the gray and black swirls with green and adding a pink flower onto the bottom of the tattoo. The full pierce brought a brilliance to the original tattoo. Her rib cage tattoo is a design consist of a girl with some red rose tattoos on top to complete a full rib cage tattoo with astonishing look.Danielle hip tattoos blur

Danielle Harris tattoos completes something that most tattoos struggle with; the new piece and the old piece are very literally right on top of each other and it is flawless. The ink also flows very well with her body, covering from the top of her rib cage all the way down to the top of her thigh. The colors are brilliant without being gaudy and the face on the portrait is nothing short of beautifully done. The whole piece was well chosen by Danielle and well executed by her artist.

Danielle Harris tattoo

Here are few more images of Danielle with her amazing tattoos on her body parts.

Inked Danielle Harris

Few More Images of Inked Danielle Harris and Her Artist

A closer look to her back tattoo

Closer look on Danielle Back Tattoos


An artist drawing her tattoos

Artist drawing tattoos of Danielle


Final product of her hip tattoo is in below.

Hip tattoo of Danielle Harris

Danielle doing a photoshoot with her back rib cage tattoos. Full view of her full backside tattoos where she is looking so sexy and attractive.

Danielle tattoos photography




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