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Dakota Johnson Tattoos List

Posted on November 21, 2021  -  by Inked Celeb
How many of you have watched ”Fifty Shades of Grey”? The lead actress of this film, the beautiful and the sensational, Dakota Johnson captured many eyes after successfully making her appearance and taking many hearts of the young generation.

This actress is definitely one of the hottest looking actresses in Hollywood.
Dakota has 6 tattoos altogether. She’s a great tattoo fan and has been tattooed all over her different body parts.

Dakota Johnson Arm Tattoos List

One of her most talked tattoo is in her left arm, a Latin tattoo which says, ”Acta Non Verba”, it means, ”Deeds Not Words”

Lets zoom out her tattoo a little bit to get a closer look what it’s like.
dakota johnson tattoos list
She has another hidden tattoo ,but not black inked. That tattoo says, ”Lightly, my darling”, inspired from ”Island” by Aldous Huxley, in her left arm near her wrist.
dakota johnson tattoos list

Dakota Johnson’s Back Tattoos

Her another tattoo is not much noticeable. It’s behind her right ear. I don’t know what it means but sure it’s pretty cute. And the sign ink must represent something that she loves.
dakota johnson tattoos list
Dakota has three birds inked little down her right shoulder. Symbolizing freedom, these blank inked birds looks gorgeous on her shoulder. I liked this tattoo of her much as it symbolize freedom.
dakota johnson tattoos list
She has also a hidden tattoo. It’s in the back of her neck ,saying ”Amor” Which means ”Love” in Spanish.

Let’s have a closer look. And If we zoom out to see what it exactly is, yeah, it’s quite light and simple. It’s simple written ink work.
dakota johnson tattoos list

Dakota Johnson Leg Tattoos

Dakota Johnson also has one more tattoo in her right leg. The last one we will be talking about is on her right foot. There are some words surrounded by some little twinkling stars saying, ”Look At The Moon”. It’s looks amazing.
dakota johnson tattoos list
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