Dec 22, 2021

Chris Andersen Tattoo List

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Chris Andersen Tattoos

Christopher Claus “Chris” Andersen is an American professional basketball player for the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association. Check out Chris Andersen tattoo list below:

Chris Andersen Earlier Stages Of Tattoo

In this picture we could see the younger stage of Chris Andersen with just a few Tattoos, The basketball player making a dunk was still in the early stage without color, a hound and a mutt making a dunk.


When he was in the Hornets he doesn’t have a lot of tattoos.


Chris Andersen Arm Tattoos

The star of Miami Heat had a lot of colorful tattoos on his arms, his phoenix wings had that vibrant color, with a pair of red dice on his left arms, and a chain on his right.


On his left arms we could see a basketball player making a dunk, and below the word country. On his left arm there is a full bags of cash and a huge crown above it, not to mention the word punk on his left hand.


Chris Andersen Neck Tattoo

On the right part of his neck we can see the word FREE with purple flames and red star with a dollar cash sign behind his ears.

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