Dec 23, 2021

William Bradley Tattoos List

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William Bradley “Brad” Pitt is an American actor and film producer. Brad Pitt also is a celebrity with Tattoos, check them out below:

Brad Pitt Arm Tattoo

His arm tattoo is a tattoo in French for, “life is absurd.”

brad pitt tattoos William Bradley Tattoos List

The Iceman tattoo: The tattoo resembles the image of the 5000 year old mummy ‘Oetzi’ ‘The Iceman’. A man that climbed up the icy heights of the Schnalstal glacier and died.

brad pitt arm tattoo William Bradley Tattoos List

Brad Pitt Back Tattoo

Brad Pitt has horizontal black lines tattooed on his back

brad pitt back tattoo William Bradley Tattoos List
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