Ashlee Simpson Tattoo List


Ashley Nicolle Næss known by the stage name Ashlee Simpson, is an American singer-songwriter, actress, and media personality. Ashlee Simpson has a few notable tattoos, check out our Ashley Simpson tattoo list below:

Ashlee Simpson Arm Tattoo

Ashlee’s largest tattoo is a colorful peony flower on her wrist that she got in March 2008. This tattoo has no special meaning to Ashlee.

Ashlee Simpson arm tattoo

When asked by the radio station Hot 99.5 if there was a story behind the flower, she simply explained “No. I wanted it.”

Ashlee Simpson Rose Tattoo

This is her very first tattoo was a black outline of a star that she got on her left wrist in 2004 to celebrate the completion of her debut album Autobiography. She mentioned on MTV “The first tattoo I got was a star and I got that with a few of my best friends. I have that one when I finished my first record and I have ‘Love’ on my other hand when I finished my second record.”

Ashlee Simpson Star Tattoo

She also added two new tattoos at the same time to celebrate the completion of her second album I Am Me. One of these tattoos says “Love” and is tattooed on her right wrist.

Ashlee Simpson love wrist tattoo

Here is a close up of this tattoo.

Ashlee Simpson love tattoo

Ashlee also has a tattoo of a peace sign on her knuckle.

Ashlee Simpson peace tattoo

Here is a closer look of the tattoo.

Ashlee Simpson peace finger tattoo

Ashlee Simpson Leg Tattoo

In August 2005, Ashlee added a pair of cherries on the outside of her right ankle. Even though the ink is very discreet, At the time she told People Magazine “I’m sure I’ll get more tattoos but my parents are begging me not to.”

Ashlee Simpson Cherry Tattoo

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