American Pickers Danielle Colby Tattoos: The Meanings Behind Her Tattoos And The Variances In Her Collection

Danielle Colby Tattoo List

Danielle Colby is most well-known as a reality television show star for co-starring on American Pickers, a reality show on the History Channel about antique collecting, in which she runs the office that the two main characters work from. Though her  actual name is Danielle Diesel but she is widely known as Danielle Colby. In addition, she also does roller derby and has experience as a burlesque dancer. The television star sports plenty of ink to admire as well. Check out American Pickers Danielle Diesel tattoos in our Danielle Colby tattoos list.

Danielle Colby Tattoos Arm

The ink on Colby’s arms are exceptionally important to her. The left one encompasses her love for her father and son, as well as her love of antiques. The right arm is focused on her mother and daughter. These pieces are done in an elegant, very well executed old school design. She also has a tattoo of artist Frida Kahlo on her bicep.


Danielle American Pickers Tattoos Hand

The art that is inked into Danielle’s body extends all the way down to her fingertips in a gorgeous manner. On her knuckles across her closed fists is a bold, black, gray, and purple tattoo saying “Hold Fast”. On her knuckles closer to her finger tips is inscribed W, W, the Wonder Woman symbol, D and the number 2125.


Danielle Colby Back Tattoos

On the small of her back is her first inked drawing, a small butterfly in tribal style. On either side of her back she also has a black design like that of the body of a violin. Across the back of her shoulders she has a set of roses with the phrase “Irish Blood, English Heart”.


Danielle Colby Stomach Tattoos

The American Pickers girl has a massive piece on her stomach that is full of layers of art and vibrant colors such as golds, blues, purples, and even offset by some gray. The detail work and planning is evident in this piece.


Danielle Colby Chest Tattoos

Her colorful ink doesn’t stop at her stomach though; it continues up to cover her chest almost to her shoulders. The first part on her chest that you probably notice is the skillfully done leopard print as part of a larger tattoo that features purple flowers and a blue and green design underneath.


If you ask her, Colby will tell you that Kat Von D opened the door for heavily inked women in television. However, the television star herself carries the torch of a heavily tattooed woman in the media very well. Her pieces are well done and gorgeous and they all represent her very well.

Which body parts does American Pickers Danielle Colby have tattoos?

American Pickers Danielle almost tattooed her full body. She has more than 30 tattoos in different parts of her body including arms, hands including fingers, lower back, shoulders, chest and stomach.

Does Danielle Colby Have Tattoos on Her Leg?

No, she doesn’t have any tattoo in her legs or thighs. Though she has lots of tattoos in her different body parts but she refrain herself from tattooing her legs.

More on American Pickers Danielle Colby…

We have more amazing photos of Danielle which show how charming and enjoyable girl she is! We have included several pictures pictures below.


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