Amazingly Sexy Tasha Blu With Her Tattoos


Tasha Blu is a very famous inked model. She is very popular on facebook and instagram. She is very popular for her amazingly sexy appeal and beautiful tattoos on her body. In this post we will share some photos of Tasha and in which part of the body showing the tattoos.

Let’s go to the images we have collected from facebook and instagram of her page and account.

Tasha Blu sleeve and thigh tattoos

Tasha blu sleeve and thigh tattoo


Tasha thigh tattoo


Full Body Tattoos of Tasha Blu

tasha left leg tattoos

Full Body Tattoos of Tasha Blu

Tasha's tattoos

Full Body Tattoos of Tasha Blu Posing on a flower farm

Full Body Tattoos of Tasha Blu Posing on a tennis court

Tasha showing her right thigh tattoos

Full Body photo shoot


Tasha showing all her right thigh tattoos

Tasha’s Belly Tattoos

Tasha Blu Belly Tattoos

A closer look from the front to Tasha’s belly tattoos

Tasha Blu leg tattoos

Tasha having a photo shoot showing her flower tattoo on left thigh on a Sunny day

leg tattoos tasha

Back View of Tasha’s Tattoos


Finally, few more images of Tasha with her amazing tattoos

tasha blu tattoo

tasha blu riding car

Red tasha blu tattoos

sexy tasha blu tattoos

tasha blu bathing

Tasha Blu Tattoos



You can see more of her tattoos on our facebook page and inkedcelebs instagram account

If you want to follow her page then go to here and for instagram visit this.

Hope our little effort to introduce you with one of the famous and sexy tattoo models will make you happy. Let us know how do you like this. 

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