Allison Green Tattoo List


Allison Green is a female singer and known to be a member of a electropop called Millionaires together with her sister Melissa Marie. Allison Green has a fair few tattoos. Check out our Allison Green tattoo list below:

Allison Green Arm Tattoos

On the back of her forearm, Allison has a Japanese hand fan surrounded by cherry blossoms. This was inked in 2013.

Allison Green fan tattoo

Here is a close up of the fan tattoo.

Allison Green tattoo list

Allison Green Sleeve Tattoos

Allison has a lucky Japannse cat tattoo on the back of her arm which was done in 2013 also.  This is a common Japanese good luck charm.

Allison Green Lotus Tattoo

Allison got these outlines of two lotus flowers on the inside of her upper arm. Lotus flower are a symbol of purity in Hinduism and Buddhism.

Allison-Green-lotus tattoo 2

Here is a close up of the lotus flower outline tattoo.

Allison Green lotus tattoo

Allison Green Koi Fish Tattoo

Allison had a large koi fish tattooed on her forearm from artist Jared Wright. It is the Japanese style koi fish.


Here is a close up of the koi fish tattoo.

Allison-Green-koi-fish-tattoo 2

Allison Green got this tattoo of a geisha on her upper arm from the same artist Jared Wright in 2013.

allison green geisha tattoo

Allison Green Foot Tattoo

Allison has the words tattooed “Business Never Quits” on her right foot.

Allison Green Foot Tattoo

Allison Green Finger Tattoos

Allison has “Millionaires” tattooed on her middle finger in pink ink. Millionaires is the name of her band.

Allison Green millionare tattoo

Allison has a tattoo that says “Promise” on her pinkie finger. This was done in 2014.


Allison Green Rib Tattoo

Allison Green has a geometric shape tattooed below her breasts over her rib cage.  It was done once again by artist Jared Wright in 2014.


Here is a close up of the tattoo.


Allison Green Rose Tattoo

Allison got a large roses tattooed down her side in 2014.


Here is a close up of the rose tattoo.


Allison Green Lip Tattoo

This tattoo was done in January 2011. ‘5150’ is a code in the California state law meaning “legally insane.”


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