Allen Iverson Tattoo List


Allen Iverson is an American professional basketball player (now retired) who played for four different teams during 14 seasons in the National Basketball Association. He played both shooting guard and point guard positions. Allen Iverson tattoo list is here. Allen is one sport star who loves getting tattooed.

Allen Iverson Arm Tattoos

As we can see on his left hand it is written Money bags. There is no confirmation as to why he has this, however we all know that basketball players make good money.

Allen Iverson Tattoo Lists (2)

The words Cru Thik are inked on Allen Iverson’s right arm. This is the name of his record company.

Allen Iverson Tattoo Lists (1)

Allen Iverson Neck Tattoo

Tattooed on the left side of his neck are the words Virginia Slim. He was born in Hampton, VA. its a bit old due to the ink that is fading

Allen Iverson Tattoo Lists (3)

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