Alexia Rodriguez Tattoo List


Alexia Rodriguez is a talented musician and singer, she is starting to get a fair few tattoos. Check out our Alexia Rodriquez tattoo list below:

Alexia Rodriguez Forearm Tattoo

Alexia’s first tattoo was that of crooked piano keys. It comes from the cover of Cursive’s album “The Ugly Organ”.

Alexia Rodriguez Arm Tattoo

Alexia Rodriguez Shoulder Tattoo

On her left shoulder, she has a tattoo of Frankenstein which at first was just a black outline, but was later colored in red.

Alexia Rodriguez Arm Tattoos Red

In 2010, Alexia added a Bride Of Frankenstein tattoo to match the Frankenstein tattoo.


Alexia Rodriguez Wrist Tattoo

On the inside of her left wrist, she has a puzzle in the shape of a heart in black ink.


Alexia Rodriguez Skull Tattoo

In 2011, Alexia got this tattoo of a skull with a red rose behind it.

Alexia Rodriguez skull tattoo

Alexia Rodriguez Foot Tattoo

She also has a tattoo from Zelda on the top of her left foot.

Alexia Foot tattoo

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