Alexandra Breckenridge Tattoos List


Alexandra Hetherington Breckenridge is an American actress, voice actress, and photographer. Noted for her role as Willa McPherson on the series Dirt. She also portrayed Jessie Anderson in the AMC series “The Walking Dead”. Her current involvement in two TV series. And these two roles are Sophie in “This Is Us”and Melinda Monroe in “Virgin River“. Alexandra has some notable ink works on her body parts. Check out the Alexandra Breckenridge tattoos list below with images and details.

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Alexandra Breckenridge’s Shoulder Tattoo

Alexandra Breckenridge has a swirling tattoo on her shoulder tattooed in black ink.

Breckenridge's swirling shoulder tattoo

Upon closer look we see the simplicity behind it.

alexandra breckenridge swirling ink work

Breckenridge’s Ink Works on Her Back

Alexandra Breckenridge has two back tattoos, where one is done above another. She done this is to covered up her previous fairy tattoo, located underneath, but keeping both the tattoos alive.

Alexandra's covered back tattoo

Alexandra had a faint fairy ink work on her back, this was her first back tattoo before she covered it up with the letter N and the tattoo design above.

The version of her fairy tattoo before covering up with letter N is shown below.

alexandra breckenridge back fairy tattoos

Alexandra’s Leg Tattoo

During the Golden Globe Awards event at the Beverly Hilton Hotel she showed the media her tattoo on her right calf.

Alexandra Breckendrige fairy inked right leg

Upon closer look it shows a male fairy sitting with a pair of butterfly wings. The meaning behind this tattoo is unknown.

Alexandra Hetherington Fairy tattoo on leg

How many Tattoos Alexandra Breckenridge Have?

Alexandra Breckenridge has a total of four tattoos. She got her tattoos in her left shoulder, two on her back one tattoo above another, and one on her right leg.

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