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Aaron Hernandez Tattoo List


Aaron Josef Hernandez is a former American football tight end for the New England Patriots, He is most famous because he is now a convicted murderer.

Aaron Hernandez Arm Tattoos

As we can see there are lots of tattoos on his body, playing cards, a letter T on his right chest, on script words on his neck, a set of stars on his right arm and there is actually a huge cross on his left deltoid.

The heavily inked Aaron Hernandez

His arm is a work of art, we could see on his right arm or his biceps the head of a lion

Aaron Hernandez Arm Tattoo

His left shoulder shows a huge cross that says Hernandez with a football in the middle.

Aaron Hernandez Neck Tattoo

During his court trial we exposed his never before seen neck tattoo it says lifetime.

Aaron Hernandez Tattoo List

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